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Happy Valentine’s Day to me

It’s another single Valentine’s Day for me. At least the shipments of two of my online orders coincided to work out so that I got two gifts for myself: Wii Play and the latest version of my Honda GPS Navi DVD. Yeah, I’m a big geek.

I get my shipments sent to work so I don’t have to worry about my packages being left at my apartment or having to pick it up from the leasing office at inopportune times. This worked out so I could load up my new Navi DVD to try it out on the way home.

The test to see how up-to-date the map data is was the 101 S/85 S on-ramp in Mountain View. The construction completed last year so the route is slightly different. The DVD included the new route. Woohoo! Another test was the address of one of the post offices in the area. The previous version had the street as being incorrectly North. I went to the wrong address not just once, but twice. The current version has it correct.

Wii Play is a $10 game (considering that a Wiimote is worth $40 and the set is $50) with 9 minigames. There’s a modern version of the classic DuckHunt, with more objects to shoot. I like the air hockey game, though I am yet to win a game. There is a racing game where you are on a bull or cow. The control is pretty simple, although if I veer off course, it’s hard to readjust. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. I wonder if the control in the game is how it would be in Mario Kart, which I am looking forward to… it’s the reason why I got the Nintendo DS Lite. I suck at the pool game as much as in real life.

I spent Valentine’s dinner at work (free Google food) with coworkers who consistently crack me up. I’m not talking about giggling. I’m talking about laugh out loud, throw my head back hilariousness. Having dinner with great company and getting two long-anticipated items (one was pre-ordered, the other was on back-order) made for a fun, albeit non-romantic, Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you single people and couples. :)

Gamestop Wii Play pre-orders sold out

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how it’s necessary to get some Wii things early. It turned out that Gamestop has sold out its pre-orders of Wii Play… two weeks before it comes out in the U.S.

However, if you’re still looking for a regular Wii-mote, I got mine at the Nintendo online store. I ordered a couple of weeks ago although they said it was on back order for two weeks. I ended up getting it 10 days before the supposed back order availability date.

Good luck!

Wii Play preorder at Gamestop

I just preordered Wii Play thanks to a tip from Dealnews. It’s $50 for the game Wii Play and a Wiimote. It is coming out in one month on February 12. I’ve learned during the past 2 months that if I want anything Wii-related, I need to get it early, even earlier than early by pre-ordering. Even after the winter holiday season, Wii consoles and accessories are incredibly hard to find.

If you’re looking to get the max number of wiimotes for your console, you might want to hold off the purchase of the fourth one so you can get Wii Play. The Wiimote is usually $40, so for $10 you get a fun party game that will make use of the additional controllers. Or maybe they’re trying to promote it as you’re getting a game at regular price of $50 and getting a wiimote free. Regardless, it’s a pretty good deal.

Update: Gamestop Wii Play pre-orders sold out