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Using Search Everywhere Plugin to Search Jerome Keyword Tags

I installed the Search Everywhere Plugin in the hopes of enabling WordPress search to find posts that have been tagged with Jerome Keywords Plugin. Alas, it didn’t have that capability built-in, nor could I find an available solution, so I tweaked the Search Everywhere code to search tags for results. I based the code modifications on the meta search function. There were four places where I edited the code. Since I’m currently too lazy to provide the instructions, I’ll provide the file as an attachment.

To test that my code works, here’s a search where the query does not appear anywhere else but the tag. It points to this post, but I didn’t want to apply it to an unrelated post since it could cause confusion. You can also confirm that the query does not show up anywhere in this post. Also, to really confirm that the query worked due to the tag and not because of it showing in the url of a post, I tested it on another post. I removed the tag on that other post to avoid confusion.

WordPress doesn’t allow uploading .php files so I had to append .txt to the filename. Just remove .txt, rename it so that it ends in .php, and install the plugin as usual.

Download file: Search Everywhere Plugin