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I am Mohinder Suresh; Heroes’ Creator Sorry About Second Season

Today I tried out a Facebook application Which Hero Are You? to see which of the Heroes Heroes I would be. The quiz determined that I was Mohinder Suresh. I was shocked because he is one of my least favorite characters. There have been many times that I have gone WTF, what are you thinking you naive idiot?! I guess he’s a smart, well meaning person but he’s just too trusting.

Not believing the Facebook application, I found another Which ‘Hero’ Are You? quiz. The questions were totally different, but to my horror, the second quiz again determined me to be Suresh. sigh.

On that page, I saw a link to an article entitled “Heroes” Creator to Fans: I’m Super Sorry. I’m glad that the creator is cognizant of the issues with the show this season. I’ve been pretty disappointed with it at least until before the last episode this week.

The biggest complaint I have had with the show during the first few episodes of the second season are the romantic story lines, particularly Claire’s. Her love interest, West, annoyed me to no end so seeing the two of them be lovey dovey made me want to gag. Concerning this topic, the article stated:

YOUNG LOVE STINKS Kring regrets sticking Claire (Hayden Panettiere) with a super-dud boyfriend and forcing Hiro to moon over a cutesy princess. ”I’ve seen more convincing romances on TV,” he admits. ”In retrospect, I don’t think romance is a natural fit for us.”

I’ve been feeling all along that the love stories did not go well with the series.

No Heroes for a month :(

It’s 9pm on Monday and my Tivo doesn’t have on the red light, which would have indicated that it was recording Heroes. This is one reason why I don’t like to watch a tv series while it is broadcasted. For example, I would buy Alias DVDs when they came out, months after the end of the season. It kinda sucked not knowing what’s going on but it wasn’t as bad as having to wait between each of the cliff-hanger episodes.

Wii-Wii & Super Bowl Commercials Party

The Monday before the Super Bowl, a coworker asked when I would have a Wii party. I said since the Super Bowl was coming up, Sunday would be a good day. He said he didn’t care for the game. So I had the epiphany to have a Wii party in conjunction with a Super Bowl Commercials Party. That’s right. A Super Bowl party where people skip the game to watch the commercials (thanks to Tivo).

I invited a bunch of coworkers and was surprised that so many people were like me and only watched the Super Bowl for the commercials. One coworker offered to bring his Wii and second TV.

The same coworker who inspired the premise of the party also dubbed it a Wii-Wii party because there were two Wii’s. Good thing for the second Wii. Even with both systems at maximum capacity with 4 controllers each, there were still more people than controllers.

Wario Ware Smooth Moves has a multiplayer game that accommodates up to 12 people. It only uses one Wiimote that we pass off to each other. It’s kinda challenging for people who haven’t seen nor play it before. But it’s pretty cool to have a game where the whole party could get into it. It’s also a good way for people to learn everybody’s names. Since you have to pass the remote to each other, you quickly learn who’s who.

We didn’t stop to watch the commercials until maybe 3 hours into the game. There weren’t that many spectacular commercials. It seems as if CBS had trouble selling the ad spots or something.

My favorites, in no particular order:

  • bunnies trying to use a (live) mouse to order (Blockbuster?) online
  • garmin’s gps fights map monster. I love my GPS system so I could relate.
  • rock beats paper (rock,paper,scissors game spoof)

I guess the geeky commercials were the ones I liked most.

Another thing that this party could tell the Tivo-adverse media folks is that people don’t mind watching commercials if they are entertaining. We even replayed the good ones.

Wii theme for Coppermine Photo Gallery

I modified Coppermine’s Classic theme to make it Wii friendly. If you visit my gallery on the wii, it will automatically switch to the wii theme. However, if you just want to check it out on your computer, you can check out the wii theme here.

It’s a work-in-progress as I figure out if there are any issues. Once it is done, I will post it in the Coppermine themes contribution board where other themes are shared.

People question what’s the point of browsing on the wii when most people have internet access on their computers. One reason why I wanted to make my gallery wii-viewable is to be able to show pictures on my tv. Wii has a builtin photo viewer but my camera doesn’t use SD, and I already have my pictures in my Coppermine gallery.

Thanks go to the Web design guide for Opera Browser on Wii.

Update: As a Valentine gift to Coppermine users, I have released my theme: http://takethu.com/blog/?p=216

Crocodile Hunter killed by Stingray

Stingray Pierced and killed Steve Irwin

While watching a tivo’d Grey’s Anatomy, I saw the commercial for the 11 o’clock news saying that Steve Irwin died. I couldn’t believe it so I had to rewind to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. Unfortunately, I was watching the show way past 11 so I missed the tv news. Fortunately, the internet isn’t on a schedule and I was able to look up more information.

This is just so sad. How could someone so full of life and who lived life to the fullest no longer be alive? The shock and disbelief I felt was like the moment I heard Princess Diana died.

It’s too bad that people like Steve Irwin aren’t truly appreciated until they pass away. Among the touching comments I read and learned about him was he taught people to love (or at least not want to hate and kill) the unloved animals. It reminded me of the amazing humanitarians who helped the unloved and forgotten people.

This is a huge blow to the animal kingdom, which benefited from his love and conservation efforts. It’s also a loss to mankind, which was learning about these animals through him. Hopefully his passing will mark the increased recognition of the importance and value of conservation, rather than its decline.

Condolences to his family, who suffered the greatest loss.