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My Workout Routine with Dance Dance Revolution

Last week, I had my physical examination where my doctor asked me what I did for exercise. I told him Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. He asked some additional questions and said that that’s fine to use DDR for my exercise routine as long as it got my heart beat up and I sweated.

My current routine is to do 30 minutes in Workout Mode in the morning before work. Since it is quite cold in the mornings now, this routine has the additional benefit of warming me up. The time limit prevents me from losing track of time.

The following may be too much information for the people who don’t want to know about female issues so you can stop reading now. :)

If one of the symptoms of PMS that a woman experiences is breast tenderness, it makes certain exercises, like jogging, quite painful. DDR is no exception due to the jump steps. However, unlike jogging on a treadmill in the gym or outdoors, dancing in the privacy of one’s home has the benefit of making it possible to minimize the cause of the pain in a way that would be inappropriate to do in public. I remember going to the gym during the days before my period… ouch! In DDR, there’s an option to turn off the jump step but I haven’t tried it yet since I want to maximize the health benefits to the best of my abilities.

Pet Peeve: Misuse/Abuse of lol

Maybe I’m cranky because of PMS, but it bugs me when people sprinkle the use of “lol” here and there in messages and forums. Don’t people realize that it stands for Laugh Out Loud? It irks me when it is used in contexts that don’t even warrant a smile or chuckle… but a laugh out loud response? I’ve seen people use it where things aren’t funny, but awkward. Yeah, in real life, people have nervous laughter… but it’s not the same as laugh out loud laughter.

Please, for col (Crying Out Loud :P) don’t do it.

PS. PMS suxors.

PMS Retardation

For years, every once in a while, I would feel as if I was suffering early-onset senility. I was extremely forgetful and absent-minded, had trouble concentrating, and just felt like a ditz. :oops:

For example, a few days ago, I bought lunch to bring to work. I had already entered my work building when I realized I had forgotten my lunch in my car. So I returned to the car, and since I felt cold, I grabbed my jacket. I walked to the building again and realized that I forgot to grab the lunch when I went to the car. When I returned to my car again, I forgot why I was there until I looked around. [color=gray]Oh, there’s my lunch.[/color] Finally, I was in my office, with my lunch, which I had to heat up. So, I went to the kitchen to use the microwave, and I put my lunch in the refrigerator.

No, no, I wasn’t so retarded that I tried to heat up my lunch in the refrigerator. :rotfl: It’s just that by the time I got to the kitchen, I forgot the specific reason why I went there, so on automatic pilot, I put my food away in the refrigerator. doh!

Recently, with the help of my PDA to help me keep track of time, I’ve discovered the pattern: my retardedness occurred reliably with my PMS week. I know at least one other woman who has this happen to her.

Before this, I was so ashamed and wondered [color=gray]why do I feel so stupid?[/color] every once in a while. It is a relief to know that it’s PMS’s fault. It is similar to when I get really :evil: or :cry: around PMS time. I tell myself to consider that I’m not truly feeling those emotions, but it’s my body acting in turmoil and clouding my thoughts and feelings.

:?: Does anyone else experience this?