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My Photo Feed for Google Photos Screensaver

Yesterday, I found out in a Coppermine forum thread called RSS feed of pics for Google Screensaver that Google Photos Screensaver can show photos from a feed. This appealed to me because I currently use a photo screensaver but it is limited to files on the hard drive. By having a feed from my gallery, I can have more flexibility and variety without duplication of files, particularly when I want to use a photo screensaver on more than one computer.

The hard part was finding a mod or plugin for Coppermine that would generate an RSS feed. I found one called Easy RSS feed but it wasn’t compatible with the screensaver application. After seeing how sample photo feeds were coded, I tweaked the rss.php code so it now works with Google Screensaver.

If you’re using Google Photos Screensaver and would like to get my photos, here are the feeds:

Most viewed

Last viewed

Stanford @Night

Stanford @Dusk

There a lot of other possible feeds but these are the ones that are likely to show the better photos.