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Crazy Lady Talking to Herself Or Bluetooth Headset User?

My Sprint Mogul phone came with a pretty decent headset with stereo buds for both ears. The drawback was the wiring and with twice the buds, there was at least twice the tanglement so that it was a hassle using the headset.

I eventually broke down and shelled out the money for a bluetooth headset, Jabra Voyager. It’s been pretty cool to use a wireless headset. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing when it’s connected or not, though. I have to go to the call screen to check if the headset icon was there. In lieu of dealing with wires, I do have to ensure that the bluetooth partnership has been established and that the headset battery is adequately charged.

This weekend I went to the Best of the West BBQ Ribs Contest in Sparks, Nevada near Reno. At one point I got separated from the rest of my friends so thankfully I had my phone with me. I was using the headset and I felt weird talking into it because the phone was in my purse so it wasn’t obvious that I was talking on the phone. And I was saying “Where are you?” and looking around in the huge crowd. A passerby could think I’m talking to myself or an imaginary friend.

Transferring Contacts from Old Sprint Phone to New Mogul Phone

These days (maybe before but I didn’t know), Sprint can transfer contact information from an old phone to a new phone, regardless of brand. I knew before they could transfer within brands but it was news that they could do it across brands.

In my case, I had contacts on my Sanyo phone and in Outlook contacts that I wanted to sync to my Mogul Pocket PC phone. When I called the Sprint store to ask if they could do the transfer, I also asked if they knew how the transfer handled duplicates but they didn’t know.

Not knowing what would happen to duplicates, I sync’d my Mogul to Outlook contacts before going to the store. When I got to the store and asked about the transfer, I was told that they couldn’t do it because the phone was so new they don’t have the software. I told them that when I activated the phone, I was told by the rep that it was possible. I also called the particular store and was assured it would work. The person asked around and finally decided to see if using the software for the PPC 6700 would work. I was able to view her doing the transfer using a machine that was placed behind the counter. I was impressed at how quickly the process went.

I learned the hard way that the transfer completely removes all entries on the destination phone and adds the entries from the source phone. Then, when I sync’d my phone to Outlook, the entries were sync’d to match the entries in the phone, even including the deletion of existing entries in Outlook!

Fortunately, I had a copy of the contacts folder so was able to recover from that. I copied the backed up contacts to the current contacts folder (having the setting that allows duplicates). I then sorted the list to find the duplicates and manually merged them.

Another thing is that the transferred numbers aren’t formatted prettily. Numbers that used to be (212)555-1234 became 2125551234.

The cool thing about contacts on my Windows Mobile phone is that it can handle more characters in the contact name. My old phone had a character limit so some of the names were truncated. Also, I can have address information stored, making it easier to lookup addresses to enter into my car’s GPS system. I don’t want to go back to a regular phone after this. :)

In summary, things to know/do before you go:

  • Call the store you intend to go to. Not all stores have the capability to do transfers. Specifically, search for tech/repair locations.
  • Don’t bother sync’ing with Outlook first
  • Create a copy of the Contacts folder as backup

PPC 6800 Mogul Turns on by Itself Randomly

I am posting a modified version of what I posted at PPC 6700 Backlight keeps coming on.

My PPC 6800 Mogul would randomly turn on minutes or hours after I turn it off and put it down. It does it multiple times. Fortunately, it turns itself off soon after. This happens when it is on battery or external power.

I have only had it for a week and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve searched all over the internet and tried everything I could. My concern is not only over the wasted battery, but the possibility to have random things get activated once I am comfortable putting the phone in my purse without using the case.

There was recently a ROM update, so I applied it. I was hoping the upgrade would address the issue and/or wipe all applications/settings that could be causing it. However, even after the update, my phone would still turn on by itself.

Then, I turned off the phone function aka switched to flight mode. The problem didn’t appear but then the Mogul became useless as a phone.

I went to the Sprint store for help but due to some new policy, they wouldn’t have a tech look at it without charging $15, or would do it for free if I had insurance, which I just got that morning. It takes 24 hours for that to show up in their system. Anyway, I decided I’d wait a couple of weeks before returning since the phone is so new that they aren’t very familiar with it.

Another option is to get a replacement but that doesn’t guarantee a resolution to the issue. Plus, I already applied a screen protector and don’t want to have to remove and reapply it. :P

What concerns me is that this has happened in a previous model and there is no clear solution. :(

Update 07/21/2007:

I’m still trying to find the culprit and came across a forum thread that shows that this has been a problem as far back as 2004 on the Treo. Must be a phone network thing, which explains why turning off the phone function stopped the random turn-on. That “solution” is a problem in itself.

Update 07/27/2007:

It does seem to be a network thing because it happened while I was at my parents place during my vacation and I haven’t seen it happen since I returned. That would explain why not everybody experiences this issue. It’s also something that would probably be impossible to diagnose or at least replicate while at a Sprint store since I’ve noticed that they tend to have really nice signal strengths there. Looks like I won’t have to return the phone. Good thing this happens (if it had to happen) at my parents’ place and not mine.

How to Set Up Bluetooth ActiveSync Connection with D-Link DBT-120

I was excited to get my Bluetooth adapter so that I could sync my Mogul phone wirelessly via Bluetooth to my laptop running Windows XP. That excitement turned to sheer frustration as I was unable to set up a partnership and thus unable to use ActiveSync through Bluetooth.

Sometimes the Bluetooth software manager would ask for the passcode, but I still got access denied: “Connection from [device name] has been denied”. Othertimes, it didn’t ask for a passcode though it should, thus causing authentication errors. I searched around for the solution and found the answer in Bluetooth ActiveSync Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2. The culprit was the software/drivers that I installed from the CD that came with the D-Link adapter. The ironic thing was the instructions explicitly said:

Warning: Install the driver and software on the D-Link CD before installing the DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter int your computer.

Ha! Look at what I got for following instructions. I uninstalled the software and used Windows drivers, following the detailed steps in the article referenced above.

I don’t know how it is for earlier versions, but in Windows Mobile 6, I had to modify the device partnership before I could get ActiveSync to sync through Bluetooth. Go to Bluetooth settings and select to edit the device. Click refresh for the pda to find available services from the computer. ActiveSync should show up. Select the checkbox and save. Then go to ActiveSync (on the PDA) and in the Menu, click on Connect via Bluetooth.

Finally, my Mogul PDA phone can sync to my laptop. It makes my laptop easier to move around without worrying about inadvertently dragging the pda as it connected via a USB cable.

After initial setup, to sync through bluetooth:

  • Go to Comms Manager (at least in WM6)
  • Activate Bluetooth if it isn’t already on
  • Click on ActiveSync icon to go to the ActiveSync screen. Go to the Menu to Connect via Bluetooth.

For stable setups like that of desktops, it might be too much of a hassle to use bluetooth. If an often-moved laptop is in use, the extra effort could be considered worth it for the convenience of not having the phone tethered to the laptop.

Amazon should handle Sprint’s online store

Last Friday, I ordered the Sprint Mogul from sprint.com, only because it’s not available in stores yet. It’s supposed to have overnight shipping. It’s Wednesday and the status of my order is: “The order is awaiting fulfillment.”

Tuesday morning, I put an order for a new DS game at amazon.com. I have Amazon Prime and the order qualified for free two-day shipping, so the estimated delivery was on Thursday. According to UPS, I will be getting the game today, after one day.

It was also a huge hassle calling Sprint on Monday to see what was up with my order since it was still showing that it was “in process” or whatever. First, they couldn’t find the order number, so they had to transfer me to another department that could find it. Then, they worried me when I was told that the zip code for the shipping address was wrong, even though the confirmation email showed the right address. Such incompetence. Finally, I got a verification call where they asked a bunch of questions, and confirmed that they had the right shipping address. Even then, I had a panicky moment because my battery was about to run out… after being on hold for over an hour throughout the day trying to reach customer service.

I like Amazon. I tend to get items earlier than the estimated delivery date. I wish I could order more things through Prime… I wouldn’t have to go to regular stores.

Update: I called Sprint today to find out what was going on with my order. If it’s on backorder, I might as well cancel and get it when it is sold in stores in a few days. It turned out that the phone had shipped, but the online status was not updated to reflect that. I ended up getting both my game and phone today. :)