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Honda GPS Daylight Saving Time Update Impossible

I have less than two months before the warranty on my Honda Accord runs out. I was hoping that the DST start/end dates change would be addressed while my car was still under warranty. When I searched on the internet, it seemed as if there would be a fix, at least for the Acura, around this time from the dealers.

However, I found a faq on the website that sells the GPS Navi update DVDs.

The answer was “The Daylight Savings schedule is stored in the navi, and cannot be changed.” :( The answer continues with instructions on how to change the time manually. It ends with “Then, on the new Daylight Savings scheduled dates, adjust the navi clock plus or minus one hour like the rest of the clocks in your house.”

I don’t know about them, but “the rest of the clocks” in my apartment that require manual time-changes aren’t part of systems that cost thousands of dollars.

Update 2007-10-31: This past Sunday was the day that Daylight Saving Time would have ended. I was supposed to go to the airport at 8:15am. After driving for a bit, I looked at the time to see how late I was going to be and saw that it was 7:15am! It had happened before where I ended up leaving to go somewhere an hour earlier, so I really thought that I was going to be one hour early. Then I realized that it was the day that the time was going to change under the old policy. Whew! But it’s not cool that my car’s clock is out of sync because of a law to change DST.

Honda GPS Navi Updated Clock Today

My heart skipped a beat or two this morning when I checked the car clock on the way to work and it said 11:30. Sure, going to work at 10:30 is late by some standards, but it feels very different to me when it gets to be 11 o’clock. Then it dawned on me that it was probably the traditional date for daylight saving time. When I manually changed the clock last month for the new DST, I didn’t disable the DST setting, so my reliable Honda went ahead and did it for me.

I searched and it seems that there is supposed to be a software patch to address this new DST date. My car is almost due for an oil change for 25K miles. Hopefully the dealer will have something by then. I know, I’m spoiled having gadgets that update their own clocks.

Spring Forward 2007

If you’re in the US, make sure your clocks are showing the correct time. Daylight saving time started 3 weeks early.

So far, these are my gadgets that are not showing the correct time, but should due to sync mechanisms:

  • digital clock that uses radio signal to synchronize time. Even though I changed it to DST on, it is still showing one hour behind
  • Harmony Remote 720. I sync’d it to my computer thinking it would get the correctly updated computer time. It didn’t. I emailed Logitech about it. Update: It turned out that I can change the time on the remote. It’s on the last page of the Activities menu on the remote under System Options. OMG, I think I read the instructions for that but didn’t think to look at the remote. I was looking all over the Harmony client for the option.
  • Sanyo cell phone with Sprint PCS. I thought the phone got the time from the cell towers or something. I wonder what went wrong there. Update: I checked the next day and the time got updated.
  • My car’s clock, which is sync’d to either GPS or XM satellite. I was able to fix it by manually adding 1 hour. It is designed so that I don’t have to manually change for DST on or off. Now, I have to do it. I’ll contact Honda to see if they have anything to address this. This is for a 2004 Accord. To change the time, go to page 4 of the GPS Setup. In the time screen, click the + for the hour in the lower half of the screen.

The Wii, I had to manually change. Initially, I couldn’t find where to change the time so I thought it was automatic. Turned out that to change the time, I had to go under Calendar in the Wii Options. I totally overlooked it because I was looking for Clock or Time.

On the other hand, my microwave is correct, but that’s because I didn’t change the time the last time. :P

DirecTV Tivo is showing the correct time. I got a message from DirecTV that a patch was installed to handle the DST change. Since my Tivo is connected to the phoneline, the updates are done automatically.

My DVD recorder perpetually blinks 12:00… not because I don’t know how to program it. It’s just that it keeps losing the time whenever there is a blackout or something.

in-car GPS Navigation

My love affair/dependency with GPS navigation started way back when I used a bluetooth system that sent GPS data to my iPaq, which I connected to my car’s audio system so I can hear the directions.

Then I bought a new car that included GPS Navi. I had to pay for more than just the system because only Honda Accord models that had leather seats and sunroof would have it as an option. It also included XM Satellite radio. Although I initially didn’t want either, I have grown to love leather seating and XM, and want them in future cars. So things worked out in the end and I don’t regret the couple thousand extra I paid. I am listening to XM radio from my entertainment system as I write this entry, by the way.

There are the obvious uses for GPS navigation, like getting directions when going to a totally new place. However, I make it a habit to activate the system almost everywhere I go, including when I go to work and home. Although I know my path to work, I like to have the system ready if I encounter a detour and want to quickly reroute. The system is also great at showing me different routes that I either wouldn’t have known about or wouldn’t bother trying because it would be too much info and I’d end up getting lost. Since I have the system always ready, I can vary my route based on if the light at certain intersections are green or not, so I can turn right instead of wait for the green light to go straight, for example. Continue reading

My Honda Accord

I got a new car today: Honda Accord Coupe 2004 with silver exterior and black leather interior. Here are some of the stats:


Engine Type: V-6
Displacement (cc): 2997
Horsepower @ rpm (SAE net): 240 @ 6250
Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm): 212 @ 5000
Compression Ratio: 10.0 : 1
Valve Train: 24-Valve SOHC VTEC®
Front-Wheel Drive
CARB Emissions Rating: ULEV


5-Speed Automatic Transmission

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
Traction Control System (TCS)
Wheels: 16″ Alloy
All-Season Tires: Bridgestone P205/60 R16

EPA Mileage Estimates/Fuel Capacity

5-Speed Automatic (City/Highway)**: 21 / 30