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Wii Firmware Update Version 3

On Monday, Nintendo made available an upgrade with a few minor and medium changes to the Wii’s functionality and appearance. I won’t add to all the places that provide a list of changes, but if you want to know more info, you can check out the Wii board in Nintendo forums.

I will write about the issues I had while doing the upgrade. This may or may not have to do with the likely high traffic from people doing upgrades on the first day, but if you have issues, this might help. I got the advice from the Wii board and I’m posting it here so you don’t have to go through all the posts to find a solution.

The first time I tried to do the upgrade, I got an error part way through. It said to check my internet access but my Wii’s internet connection has been working fine. I was sent to the Wii menu and noticed that one of the changes, digital clock, already worked.

I went to check out the Shop Channel to see if it had been upgraded but I got an error message. I tried to go through the upgrade a few more times and failed. I even went through connection settings and tested it, and confirmed that it worked, which then prompted the upgrade.

I looked around for a solution and read that restarting the Wii could help. It did help to complete the update successfully. However, when I checked the Shop Channel I got another error message. I then read a suggestion to unplug the Wii for a few seconds. Finally, I was able to check out the new and improved Shop Channel.

I can’t remember at which points I got the error messages, but I did a search and my search history shows that I encountered these error codes: 32002, 32004, and 205687. The error message said to go to support.nintendo.com for help but it wasn’t helpful.