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Using New RSS Feed System For Site News

Previously, I would write the xml code for site announcements. Then used a free code that would parse the xml feed into html that would display in my gallery, via anycontent.php.

Today, I discovered an application from Coffee Cup called RSS News Flash that would turn the feed from wherever into a News Flash. It seemed more efficient than what I was doing. To eliminate redundant work, I am using the feed from my blog, instead of writing a separate feed.

Added new themes for blog and gallery

I installed Theme Switcher plugin for WordPress, making it possible to change the WordPress theme by clicking the option in the sidebar.

To complement the availability of switching WP themes in my blog, I added corresponding Coppermine themes designed to match WP themes. There was no existing Coppermine theme for my WordPress theme, Ocadia, so I worked on it for much of the day. I’m on vacation. :)

I tweaked the code of the blog and gallery themes so that when switching between the two applications, the theme would be preserved.

Highslide JS navigation in my Coppermine Gallery

Someone in my webhost forum posted a link to a page with a great example of javascript code coolness: Highslide JS

I have added the code to my gallery. Now, when clicking on the thumbnails, a full size version of the image will show up right on the page, instead of going to the intermediate page that shows the full size image. To preserve the ability to access image details, the caption in the popup includes a link to the page.

Once I decide this is stable, I’ll post instructions in Coppermine forums.

Coppermine skin for Viper X1

I have released the latest version of the Coppermine skin I made for Viper Guestbook. It is compatible with the latest version of the guestbook, which is awesome. I posted the skin and instructions in the Coppermine forum: integrating Viper Guestbook X1. I’m going to attach the skin to this post, too… mostly to try out WordPress’s file upload feature. :D

Seems I can upload multiple files. I’ll attach the quick installer that makes it easier to install the guestbook into an existing gallery.

If you need support, please refer to the forum thread.

Hmm… seems the file sharing isn’t the same as in SMF forums. Here are the links:

Coppermine skin for Viper Guestbook X1

Viper Guestbook Quick installer

Coppermine Files in Google Map

:idea: If you use Coppermine Photo Gallery and have taken photos in different locales, you can now pinpoint where those photos were taken with a mod I have been working on. Instructions for the mod are posted in the thread called Coppermine photos/files on Google Maps. To see the map of places where I have taken some photos, check out my Gallery Map.

There are some things I would like to do to improve it, but I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far. The Google Maps API uses javascript, of which I knew little so it’s a feat for me to accomplish what I did.

Coppermine in Google Maps