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Added Image Scroller Based on iTunes

rphMedia over at the Coppermine forums has offered a mod called Image Scroller – based on iTunes. It looks so cool that I couldn’t help but implementing it at my Take Thu gallery and my blog (at the bottom of the blog’s homepage).

For those who want an includable version of flow.htm, create a file in the include folder called flow.inc.php:
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My Photo Feed for Google Photos Screensaver

Yesterday, I found out in a Coppermine forum thread called RSS feed of pics for Google Screensaver that Google Photos Screensaver can show photos from a feed. This appealed to me because I currently use a photo screensaver but it is limited to files on the hard drive. By having a feed from my gallery, I can have more flexibility and variety without duplication of files, particularly when I want to use a photo screensaver on more than one computer.

The hard part was finding a mod or plugin for Coppermine that would generate an RSS feed. I found one called Easy RSS feed but it wasn’t compatible with the screensaver application. After seeing how sample photo feeds were coded, I tweaked the rss.php code so it now works with Google Screensaver.

If you’re using Google Photos Screensaver and would like to get my photos, here are the feeds:

Most viewed

Last viewed

Stanford @Night

Stanford @Dusk

There a lot of other possible feeds but these are the ones that are likely to show the better photos.

My Valentine’s Gift to Coppermine Users: Wii Theme

Last year, I contributed a Valentine’s theme for Coppermine Gallery. This year, I am offering a theme that is Wii-friendly. For the latest info and theme version, check out the thread at Coppermine forums: Wii-friendly theme

You can preview the Wii theme in my gallery.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for using and supporting Coppermine. :)

Wii theme for Coppermine Photo Gallery

I modified Coppermine’s Classic theme to make it Wii friendly. If you visit my gallery on the wii, it will automatically switch to the wii theme. However, if you just want to check it out on your computer, you can check out the wii theme here.

It’s a work-in-progress as I figure out if there are any issues. Once it is done, I will post it in the Coppermine themes contribution board where other themes are shared.

People question what’s the point of browsing on the wii when most people have internet access on their computers. One reason why I wanted to make my gallery wii-viewable is to be able to show pictures on my tv. Wii has a builtin photo viewer but my camera doesn’t use SD, and I already have my pictures in my Coppermine gallery.

Thanks go to the Web design guide for Opera Browser on Wii.

Update: As a Valentine gift to Coppermine users, I have released my theme: http://takethu.com/blog/?p=216

Coppermine Mod: autoadjust “matte” color according to dominant image color

Someone in the Coppermine forums asked if Coppermine could auto-adjust background to image. My initial response was that it couldn’t do it with the core code, and I didn’t know if the image libraries that Coppermine used could do it.

After some research, I found that GD2 could do it, or at least help me do it. I thought it would be cool to implement in my own gallery so I decided to code it myself. The code is in the thread above. Check out my portfolio album with the feature. As you go through the images, the “matte” surrounding the image will change color to match the most dominant color in a random sampling of pixels in the image.