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Cheaters in Mario Kart Wii

I’m having trouble winning trophies in the 150cc engine class of Mario Kart Wii. I went to check to the Mario Kart Channel Rankings to see how the #1 ranked racer did in the Time Trial. In two of the tracks, the #1 racer didn’t even drive off from the starting line. I had read about cheaters taking advantage of bugs in the game, but that was so wrong. I wished there was a way to report cheaters with a click of the button. Since they only offer ghost data for the #1 ranked racer, I couldn’t see how a course was completed without cheating.

One could argue that my trying to review ghost data is cheating also. I don’t think it’s the same since I would still have to complete the course myself. Also, it’s not cheating to watch better people play, otherwise we’d have to avert our eyes every time someone is playing a game.