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Cat Litter Deodorizer to Fight Litter Odor

With two cats, the area around the litter boxes can smell funky. Since I was going to have a friend visit for a weekend, I decided to try something to fight the odors. At the pet store, I came across Arm & Hammer’s Cat Litter Deodorizer. Honestly, I didn’t think it would work. But it has worked wonderfully. It has pretty much eliminated the ammonia smell from the urine. I don’t remember waking up to the smell of poop since I have started sprinkling the baking soda on top of the litter box after scoopings.

Added on 2007-10-21: There are a couple of other factors that affect litter box smell. The greater the food quality, the less stinky the poop. Since I wrote this post, I switched to feeding my cats Felidae and did not even have to use the deodorizer. I resumed using baking soda now that my cats use the Litter Robot since the waste is in the drawer for the few days it takes for it to fill up. The litter in the sphere itself doesn’t smell, but when I open the drawer to check on the waste level, it’s stinky. I decided to use regular baking soda, which is much cheaper than the Cat Litter Deodorizer.

Another way to fight litter odor is to use litter that has odor fighting properties.