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Amazon should handle Sprint’s online store

Last Friday, I ordered the Sprint Mogul from sprint.com, only because it’s not available in stores yet. It’s supposed to have overnight shipping. It’s Wednesday and the status of my order is: “The order is awaiting fulfillment.”

Tuesday morning, I put an order for a new DS game at amazon.com. I have Amazon Prime and the order qualified for free two-day shipping, so the estimated delivery was on Thursday. According to UPS, I will be getting the game today, after one day.

It was also a huge hassle calling Sprint on Monday to see what was up with my order since it was still showing that it was “in process” or whatever. First, they couldn’t find the order number, so they had to transfer me to another department that could find it. Then, they worried me when I was told that the zip code for the shipping address was wrong, even though the confirmation email showed the right address. Such incompetence. Finally, I got a verification call where they asked a bunch of questions, and confirmed that they had the right shipping address. Even then, I had a panicky moment because my battery was about to run out… after being on hold for over an hour throughout the day trying to reach customer service.

I like Amazon. I tend to get items earlier than the estimated delivery date. I wish I could order more things through Prime… I wouldn’t have to go to regular stores.

Update: I called Sprint today to find out what was going on with my order. If it’s on backorder, I might as well cancel and get it when it is sold in stores in a few days. It turned out that the phone had shipped, but the online status was not updated to reflect that. I ended up getting both my game and phone today. :)

Happier with Amazon’s Handling of Disappointing Handling of Pre-Order

Earlier this morning, I wrote about how I was disappointed with how Amazon handled my Super Paper Mario Pre-Order. After I published my post, I saw that it was possible to order the game right then and there, and get it delivered before my pre-order would even arrive. However, my order was in progress so I couldn’t cancel it to order afresh.

At that point, I felt that I had a valid beef to complain to Amazon. Before that, it felt like bad luck with the delay, but when other people can order, while I await my one-month-old order, that was just wrong. I wrote an email expressing my disappointment and pointed out how it was possible to make a regular order and get it within 2 days with Amazon Prime. I also referenced my blog post.

Two hours later, I got an email that my order had shipped and should arrive in a couple of days. I wasn’t sure if it was a result of the email and/or blog post. Nevertheless, it made me feel better.

At the end of the day, I got an email response from Amazon customer service expressing sincere apologies for the delay and acknowledged that I did not get the best experience possible. They offered a small token “as a goodwill gesture and apology for adding stress to what should have been a happy occasion.”

I cannot recall having been so touched by an email from a company. I really respect Amazon for acknowledging that something went wrong, fixing it, and making an additional gesture of apology. That’s the kind of company that manages to keep my business.