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Exercise enhancers

Before my session with my personal trainer today, I bought some more essential exercise accessories.

The most important items were the gloves to protect my palms while I worked with weights. It is especially important to have them when I work with my trainer because he really pushes me, and I have had to hold back my efforts because my palms were in pain. Well, my other muscles were in pain, too, but at least the palm pain is preventable.

The second goody is the audio bag that I can use to carry my iPAQ to listen to music while I work out.

Since I had just bought 10 additional training sessions, we didn’t have to focus my fourth session on my shoulders. My trainer said that we’d give my shoulders a break and work on the lower parts of my body. We started out by doing leg lunges while I carried a weight. I pointed out that it might not be a good time for me to do leg exercises since I had an important appointment the next day. I didn’t want to show up walking like a cowboy.

So, my trainer obliged, and we worked on other muscle groups, like my abs. We did some shoulder exercises, too, but they weren’t as intense as they used to be, since the intention was to give my shoulders a break.

After my personal training session, I did some exercising on my own. I tried out my audio bag to carry my iPAQ. It was so cool. Yay! I can workout to my own music. :clap:

Perimenstrual workout woes

Disclaimer: The bluntness of this post might offend those with delicate sensibilities…you have been warned. ;) I don’t intend to be offensive, but I figure I would be a boring blogger if I stuck to safe, uncontroversial topics. There would be no point in my writing if I’m too shy to discuss the things that other people are too shy to discuss. :D

It’s difficult being a woman who works out due to the disruptive visits from “Aunt Flow.” First of all, one week before my period even starts, I experience tenderness in my chest. Since not all women experience the same, if any, PMS symptoms, not all can relate. However, there are some who can relate to that feeling when we have to be careful while walking on the stairs and we must avoid “bouncing.” ouch.

That bouncing-induced tenderness makes it really painful to jog. Interestingly, after the first few minutes, the pain goes away. Maybe the endorphins really do kick in and work.

At these times, it’s really easy to lose motivation to go to the gym. What keeps me going is knowing that exercise will alleviate or prevent the debilitating cramps of my period. That’s one of my favorite perks of exercise. :D

Then, the week of the period is obviously an uncomfortable time to work out. Good thing for tampons! :rotfl:

removing the training wheels…

After a shoulder surgery that impaired mobility, physical therapy was like training wheels to help me get back to my original condition. It helped me regain strength and range-of-motion that I had lost, even before the surgery because I had to prevent the shoulder from dislocating.

The thing with training wheels is that sometimes it’s hard to get weaned off of them. When my physical therapist told me about it weeks ago, I was so afraid. Also, I had trouble complying with doing the home exercises. At that time, I didn’t see myself getting well enough to be on my own.

When I saw my PT yesterday, he said he was very pleased with my progress since I’ve joined the gym and was really happy that I had a personal trainer who knew what he was doing. He advocates professional training instead of mimicking what other people do in the gym, because they’re often wrong. He said it was painful for him to go to the gym and watch people do things incorrectly. We both have to fight the urge to correct people. :lol: (I’m not being condescending; I just genuinely want to help people.) Since I’m improving so much by going to the gym, I don’t require as many physical therapy sessions, and might only need one more to tie up loose ends, or muscles. :D

With that validation, I bought another training package for 10 more personal trainer sessions. Since we’ve only been working on my shoulder during the past three sessions, I think I’d be able to work on the rest of my body with some more sessions. Since I will be investing so much money and time just going to the gym, I might as well maximize my returns by investing in improving and perfecting processes. :)

Yay! I will be able to play volleyball by spring or summertime. :thumbsup:

exercise progress

I felt as if I wasn’t improving my running because I couldn’t finish a mile more quickly. :dunno: My friends told me to see how long I could go (endurance) instead of how little time it takes to cover a given distance (speed). Instead of 12 minutes, I gave myself 15 min to run at a 5 mph pace. It was so much more comfortable than pushing myself to go faster than I could. yay!

shoulder update

I saw my sports medicine surgeon today. He said my shoulder is as good as it gets and I can resume normal activities. My limitations would be motions such as the one used for serving overhand in volleyball. That’s fine, for now. I know I have a lot of strengthening to do before I can serve like that again.

It makes me so glad that I joined the gym, so I can progress more quickly, and further, in my shoulder rehabilitation, instead of just stagnating at “okay” or “good enough.” :)

My doctor said that I was one of the most difficult cases. I am so glad that he was able to fix my shoulder, which is such a complex joint. I thought I could be okay without having the surgery… that I would just have to be more careful. But, I’m such a klutz, it didn’t work out. :lol: Now, it’s great to see the potential things that I can do… again, and try new ones. :D