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Links to Delicious, Digg, Technorati

I’ve added new buttons/links to each post thanks to a tutorial on how to add Delicious, Digg, Technorati, and Slashdot into your blog/site. I decided to leave out the Slashdot button since I don’t think I’ll write anything worthy of getting /.’d, if that makes sense. :) Not that I think my blog posts will actually be submitted to the remaining sites, either, but I thought it would look cool since all the other bloggers are doing it!

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WordPress curlification of apostrophe in title

I was looking through Google Analytics to see how people found my site. I was checking out one of the queries when I noticed a weird behavior with regards to my blog title, Thu’s Blog. Basically, my blog did not rank for [thu's blog]. There were blogs that linked to my blog that were ranking for the query! My blog did rank for [thu blog] so it wasn’t being penalized. Looking at how Google bolded the queries in the title, I was able to narrow it down to a seemingly harmless character, the apostrophe.

It turns out that WordPress converts a straight apostrophe to a curly quote. Apparently, Google sees them as different characters so it affected my ranking. When people search, they’re going to use a regular apostrophe, not curly as in [thu’s blog].

So I searched around on how to prevent WordPress from converting the apostrophe in my blog title.

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Working on Moblogging

I had insomnia… and I didn’t feel the need to go to sleep so I didn’t need to use the insomnia treatment I posted about previously. :P

While following documentation links for WordPress, I came across instructions to Blog by Email. So I set up my blog to process email entries into blog posts. It worked dandy. But really, if I can send an email, I can write a blog entry within my blog. This feature would be most useful when sending mobile blog (moblog) entries from my mobile phone. Then this would be really cool. I would then be able to take photos and send them to my blog. Continue reading