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Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party on the Wii

I stopped by Toys R Us tonight to see if they had Dance Dance Revolution in stock yet. I called on release day, yesterday, and they still didn’t have it. I checked on the website and did not see the DDR Bundle (which has the game and dance pad) for the Wii. I just saw a listing for the game by itself, which doesn’t get released until November. I was quite bummed that I wouldn’t be able to exchange one of my three games during the 45 day exchange/refund window. I figured I’d stop by TRU anyway to see if there were any other games I could get instead. Boy, was I surprised and happy when I saw the boxes of DDR for the Wii.

While I was at the customer service desk to return one of my games, one of the employees said he was so jealous of me that I was getting DDR since it looks like so much fun. I was so anxious to get home… good thing I’m not too far from TRU.

It turned out to live up to my expectations for it and I had a blast. I struggled in the beginning, though, so I wondered if I could continue playing the game. Eventually, I found the correct beginner mode that taught me some tips to improve my skills. Something I didn’t know before playing was that I wasn’t supposed to return my feet to the center of the pad after/between steps. That reduced the awkwardness of not knowing what to do in between steps. Another thing was that I didn’t realize that I was stepping on the arrows in the level selector screen, which resulted in my inability to select the beginner level using my Wiimote. This resulted in me ending up in a hard level and that was really frustrating since I didn’t realize that was the hard level… I just thought I was totally incompetent. Once I got a better grasp for the controls, and stuck to beginner level, I had a lot more fun.

I like the Workout mode where it keeps track of the calories I burn. I’m particularly motivated to lose some fat since I will be going to Maui in November. Wheeee! or Wiiiii!

I felt the dance pad was of decent quality… at least better than I expected it would be for a soft pad. After a few rounds, I noticed the pad shifted from where I had placed it on my carpet, but I don’t think it was bad enough to affect me during the dance rounds; I didn’t even notice it.

I saw some pauses during some of the dances… the arrow would be going upward and then hang for a second and then resume. Since this is the first DDR game I’ve owned, I don’t know if that’s part of the game or a symptom of a defect. (Update: After playing with it more, I think it is a part of the game. It’s tricky though and throws off my rhythm. I guess that might be the intention. :P )

Update 2007-11-28: I think that the addition of the hand gestures isn’t that great, and I’ve made it a habit to turn it off. Part of the issue is that I have trouble getting the rhythm correct and it messes up my score. A more serious consequence is that the cord connecting the Wiimote and nunchuck could and did whip me in the face. Additionally, sometimes, I have to make wide flailing arm movements to maintain/regain my balance. The cord wouldn’t be long enough to accommodate my arms’ range of motion. If it were longer, it would increase the likelihood of me getting whipped by it. It might help if the nunchuck functioned wirelessly.

Toys R Us: Buy two get one free game; Wii available 9/23/2007

I dropped by Toys R Us to see if they had a GameCube Wavebird I could buy (they didn’t). I did find that they had a sale on all video games: buy two get one free (of equal or lesser value). If there are at least two games you would have liked to buy, this is a really good deal. There were only two there that I wanted that didn’t already have, but the third one I wanted, Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party, wouldn’t be released until this Tuesday.

I asked the employee when the sale was over. He said that it was likely to be tomorrow, Sunday. He revealed that they had a shipment of Wii’s to sell Sunday so they would want to ensure the deal was available so that people could buy games once they got the console. Sounds like a good idea to me.

However, that didn’t help me as much since I already own a Wii and the third game I wanted wouldn’t be available until after the sale. I discussed the return/exchange policy with the employee. In the end, I decided to buy a third game that I would exchange for DDR once it is available. I would just have to pay the difference since DDR is more expensive than any of the available Wii games since it includes the dance pad.

In summary, if you want a great deal on games that you would have wanted to buy anyway, check out the buy 2 get 1 free deal. This is good for any platform, even portable ones. If you don’t have a Wii, check out Toys R Us on Sunday. Good luck and have fun!

Wii Firmware 3.0 Enables USB Keyboard Compatibility

OMG, I was checking out my Wii feed in my iGoogle and read Wii USB Ports Now Compatible With Keyboard! I had to try it out for myself.

I have a wireless Logitech keyboard for my desktop. It was more of a hassle to get everything disconnected and then reconnected than it was to actually use the keyboard. It was so easy. Plugged in the USB connector into the Wii, turned on the console, went to WiiMail to create a new Memo, and started typing away!

Unfortunately, I can’t use the keyboard in Opera for entering URLs or form inputs. That should be fixed in the future… if they could do this, that should be easy to do.

Although my laptop and TV/Wii are in the same room, it would be much more comfortable to use the TV/Wii combo. I have a few positions I can be in when using the laptop, but they’re not all comfortable. I can have more positions lying or sitting on the couch watching television. Also, the keyboard is much lighter than the laptop.

I can’t believe Nintendo didn’t announce this feature. It’s friggin awesome. Wiiiii!

Wii Firmware Update Version 3

On Monday, Nintendo made available an upgrade with a few minor and medium changes to the Wii’s functionality and appearance. I won’t add to all the places that provide a list of changes, but if you want to know more info, you can check out the Wii board in Nintendo forums.

I will write about the issues I had while doing the upgrade. This may or may not have to do with the likely high traffic from people doing upgrades on the first day, but if you have issues, this might help. I got the advice from the Wii board and I’m posting it here so you don’t have to go through all the posts to find a solution.

The first time I tried to do the upgrade, I got an error part way through. It said to check my internet access but my Wii’s internet connection has been working fine. I was sent to the Wii menu and noticed that one of the changes, digital clock, already worked.

I went to check out the Shop Channel to see if it had been upgraded but I got an error message. I tried to go through the upgrade a few more times and failed. I even went through connection settings and tested it, and confirmed that it worked, which then prompted the upgrade.

I looked around for a solution and read that restarting the Wii could help. It did help to complete the update successfully. However, when I checked the Shop Channel I got another error message. I then read a suggestion to unplug the Wii for a few seconds. Finally, I was able to check out the new and improved Shop Channel.

I can’t remember at which points I got the error messages, but I did a search and my search history shows that I encountered these error codes: 32002, 32004, and 205687. The error message said to go to for help but it wasn’t helpful.

Gamestop Super Mario Galaxy Pre-order Delayed until 12/31/2007

I just got this email from Gamestop regarding my pre-order of Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii:Dear Customer,

You have signed up to receive release date changes for:

Super Mario Galaxy

Old Release Date – 11/30/2007
New Release Date – 12/31/2007

When I made the order back in January, the release date was 4/1/2007. In February, I got an email saying that it was being delayed until 11/1/2007. Now I won’t get it until next year since it’s the New Year’s holiday around that time.

This better be the best game of all time to make us wait like this. :)