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Trouble in Lego Indiana Jones

Spoiler Alert

You might not want to read this unless you have encountered the crash in the chapter, “Trouble in the Sky” in The Last Crusade in Lego Indiana Jones for Nintendo Wii. Then again, you might want to read this to prevent the game freezing at the point that it froze for me.

I was playing Lego Indiana Jones with my boyfriend and just as we finished the last part of the chapter, the game just froze, and buzzed. It was the part where we had to “scare off” three sets of sea gulls. Because it occurred before the end of the chapter, the game was not saved, and we had to do the chapter over.

I went online to search if anyone else had the same issue in that chapter, to see if it was an issue with my disk. It turned out I was not the only one.

Lego Indiana Jones Issues:

Hello,  that is the very same area the game froze up on my son.  I just bought him this game on Thursday and by Sunday when he reached that area it froze up. We tried shutting the system down and each time it still froze on that same Trouble in the Sky area and it makes a high pitched noise too.  I called Toysrus and they said it must be scratched but it’s not. Anyway I returned the game and they replaced it and so far he’s went past that area and it’s been just fine.

I didn’t know where or when I bought the game nor where the receipt was so exchanging the disk was not an easy option without some receipt-hunting.

My boyfriend and I played the chapter again and changed the order in which we went after the sea gulls, and that seemed to work. The first time when the game crashed, the last set of sea gulls that I went after was found on the cliff. The second time around, we went after the cliff sea gulls second, and the ones on the ship last.

After we successfully completed the chapter, I came across this page: Solution to Trouble in the Sky Freezes.

Use Henry (Indy’s dad) on controller one. Hooray! No horrible bzzzzzz…

Note: Order of the seagulls does not matter. Finishing them off with controller one matters. Possibly Henry has something to do with it too. Just play it safe and finish it with Henry on controller one.

I usually play with controller one and I think I was the one that went after the sea gulls although I don’t remember if I was playing as Henry (update: my boyfriend confirmed that I was playing as Indiana). However, I think when the game crashed, I was the one, as Indiana Jones, that went after the sea gulls on the cliff so perhaps the controller doesn’t matter.

Other than that bug (and another one), the game is fun to play with two players. It is one of those few games where the second player is pretty much an equal, and where multiplayer mode isn’t gimpy compared to single player mode. It actually helped a lot to have another player because it meant I did not have to switch characters as much.

The other bug occurred when we had a character that was riding an elephant, or some big animal, which fell down a ditch and was unable to get out of the ditch or drop out of the game, preventing us from moving on. We had to start that chapter over and avoided the ditch the second time around to complete the chapter.

Cheaters in Mario Kart Wii

I’m having trouble winning trophies in the 150cc engine class of Mario Kart Wii. I went to check to the Mario Kart Channel Rankings to see how the #1 ranked racer did in the Time Trial. In two of the tracks, the #1 racer didn’t even drive off from the starting line. I had read about cheaters taking advantage of bugs in the game, but that was so wrong. I wished there was a way to report cheaters with a click of the button. Since they only offer ghost data for the #1 ranked racer, I couldn’t see how a course was completed without cheating.

One could argue that my trying to review ghost data is cheating also. I don’t think it’s the same since I would still have to complete the course myself. Also, it’s not cheating to watch better people play, otherwise we’d have to avert our eyes every time someone is playing a game.

My Workout Routine with Dance Dance Revolution

Last week, I had my physical examination where my doctor asked me what I did for exercise. I told him Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. He asked some additional questions and said that that’s fine to use DDR for my exercise routine as long as it got my heart beat up and I sweated.

My current routine is to do 30 minutes in Workout Mode in the morning before work. Since it is quite cold in the mornings now, this routine has the additional benefit of warming me up. The time limit prevents me from losing track of time.

The following may be too much information for the people who don’t want to know about female issues so you can stop reading now. :)

If one of the symptoms of PMS that a woman experiences is breast tenderness, it makes certain exercises, like jogging, quite painful. DDR is no exception due to the jump steps. However, unlike jogging on a treadmill in the gym or outdoors, dancing in the privacy of one’s home has the benefit of making it possible to minimize the cause of the pain in a way that would be inappropriate to do in public. I remember going to the gym during the days before my period… ouch! In DDR, there’s an option to turn off the jump step but I haven’t tried it yet since I want to maximize the health benefits to the best of my abilities.

Wii Firmware 3.1 Enables USB Keyboard Compatibility in Internet Channel

Last night, I read that there was a firmware upgrade for the Wii. In installed it and went to the internet channel to see if I could use my keyboard to enter in urls but it didn’t work. Bummer.

This morning, I got the pretty blue light notification on my Wii. There were three messages from Nintendo. The more interesting of the messages said that there were new versions of the Everybody Votes Channel and Internet Channel. I upgraded the channels from Wii Ware in the Shop Channel.

Voila! Now I can surf on the internet on the Wii with my wireless keyboard. There’s additional functionality where selecting text on a page with the A button and then clicking on the Find (binocular) button on the toolbar will open up the search interface with the selected text already there.

One shortcoming is that when I click OK to enter an address or keyword search, it adds a carriage return in the input box, instead of going to the URL or looking up the keyword. I have to use the Wii Mote to click OK.

Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party Tips

Although I’ve played DDR years ago on my friend’s Playstation (2?) and in the arcade at Dave & Buster’s, I considered myself a newbie when I got my own copy of the game to play on my Wii console. If you’re an expert, this post probably wouldn’t be helpful to you, but if you’d like to share your own tips, please feel free to do so in the comments section. I won’t repeat the tips that could be found on the dance pad, in the instruction manual, and in the first venue of Groove Circuit Mode.

  • Konami recommended using bare feet and to avoid using “shoes or stocking feet”. When I played barefoot, it limited how long I could play because my feet eventually got sweaty and even though I tried to wipe them on the carpet, it eventually affected game play. I wasn’t sure if stocking was the same as socks so I didn’t take the chance in the beginning. Then one time I forgot to take off my socks and realized that I was fine. Sweat was no longer a problem.
  • I had a lot of trouble beating the “boss” level of the second level of Groove Circuit Mode called Genesis Venue. No matter what, I could not win. Finally, I turned off the Hand mode and my score improved. I don’t know if it’s my incompetence but the hand gestures don’t seem reliably responsive, and thereby messing my score.
  • To turn off Hand Gestures, go to the Options menu during the view that shows the songs.
  • Be careful about where your feet are while in the menus. I was using the Wiimote to navigate so I wasn’t even aware of the dancepad’s controls. I kept having my foot on the left arrow, which is used to select the songs. Because of that, the song selector kept going and going, which made me think it was in some spin-the-wheel selector mode. Not that everyone is as silly as me. :)
  • Since the hand gesture icons are diamond shaped instead of arrow-shaped, I had a hard time with the timing. I finally figured out how to do it correctly. The right and left points of the diamond need to line up with the horizontal line of the arrow, or think of the right and left points lining up with the arrow points. Once I figured that part out, hand gestures didn’t mess up my score as much.
  • Think of parsing the step arrows like reading words out loud. When reading, it helps to glance ahead and to group words that go together. In DDR, try to look at the arrows before they reach the top, and group them based on some common patterns that will become obvious with some experience (e.g., ???? or up-right-up-right if the fonts don’t turn out) and prepare to be in position for them.