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Fake Hand Washers

Today, I heard someone in the restroom who was a fake hand washer. I was inside a stall so I didn’t witness everything with my eyes… just heard the goings-on outside the stall. This woman rushed out the stall, placed her hands under the automatic faucet just enough to activate a splash of water, noisily grabbed some paper and rushed out. I have heard plenty of hand washings so I knew that that was just a noisy charade on the part of the woman to make it seem like she was not the dirty creature that she was. I had to resist the urge to shout out as she left, “I know you didn’t wash your hands!”

The other time I experienced that, I told my coworkers about it. One pointed out that fake hand washers are worse than the people who did not wash their hands. That latter group might just be clueless about hygiene and do not know better. The fakers know that they are supposed to wash their hands, pretend to do it, and waste paper and water in the process.

If people want to be non-hygienic in private, that’s none of my business. However, if they’re going to touch public items like door handles, serving utensils, etc., they better keep themselves clean for everybody’s sake.

I am Mohinder Suresh; Heroes’ Creator Sorry About Second Season

Today I tried out a Facebook application Which Hero Are You? to see which of the Heroes Heroes I would be. The quiz determined that I was Mohinder Suresh. I was shocked because he is one of my least favorite characters. There have been many times that I have gone WTF, what are you thinking you naive idiot?! I guess he’s a smart, well meaning person but he’s just too trusting.

Not believing the Facebook application, I found another Which ‘Hero’ Are You? quiz. The questions were totally different, but to my horror, the second quiz again determined me to be Suresh. sigh.

On that page, I saw a link to an article entitled “Heroes” Creator to Fans: I’m Super Sorry. I’m glad that the creator is cognizant of the issues with the show this season. I’ve been pretty disappointed with it at least until before the last episode this week.

The biggest complaint I have had with the show during the first few episodes of the second season are the romantic story lines, particularly Claire’s. Her love interest, West, annoyed me to no end so seeing the two of them be lovey dovey made me want to gag. Concerning this topic, the article stated:

YOUNG LOVE STINKS Kring regrets sticking Claire (Hayden Panettiere) with a super-dud boyfriend and forcing Hiro to moon over a cutesy princess. ”I’ve seen more convincing romances on TV,” he admits. ”In retrospect, I don’t think romance is a natural fit for us.”

I’ve been feeling all along that the love stories did not go well with the series.

Amazon should handle Sprint’s online store

Last Friday, I ordered the Sprint Mogul from, only because it’s not available in stores yet. It’s supposed to have overnight shipping. It’s Wednesday and the status of my order is: “The order is awaiting fulfillment.”

Tuesday morning, I put an order for a new DS game at I have Amazon Prime and the order qualified for free two-day shipping, so the estimated delivery was on Thursday. According to UPS, I will be getting the game today, after one day.

It was also a huge hassle calling Sprint on Monday to see what was up with my order since it was still showing that it was “in process” or whatever. First, they couldn’t find the order number, so they had to transfer me to another department that could find it. Then, they worried me when I was told that the zip code for the shipping address was wrong, even though the confirmation email showed the right address. Such incompetence. Finally, I got a verification call where they asked a bunch of questions, and confirmed that they had the right shipping address. Even then, I had a panicky moment because my battery was about to run out… after being on hold for over an hour throughout the day trying to reach customer service.

I like Amazon. I tend to get items earlier than the estimated delivery date. I wish I could order more things through Prime… I wouldn’t have to go to regular stores.

Update: I called Sprint today to find out what was going on with my order. If it’s on backorder, I might as well cancel and get it when it is sold in stores in a few days. It turned out that the phone had shipped, but the online status was not updated to reflect that. I ended up getting both my game and phone today. :)

Internet Explorer Horizontal Scrollbar Covers Last Line

Oh My Friggin Goodness. Internet Explorer makes me so mad.

Just to see how things looked in IE, I randomly checked a blog post that contained code, and one of the lines of code was obscured by a horizontal scrollbar! I compared the post in Firefox. It turned out the particular line of code was so long that it surpassed the width of its container. In IE, the code block got clipped to fit the container, and a horizontal scrollbar was added to view the long line of code. However, the scrollbar hid the single line of code. It made my post look silly because I would say here is code but then there’s no visible code.

I searched for a solution but couldn’t find one. So I used CSS (to the rescue). In the theme’s style.css file, I modified the pre style block by adding these lines:


padding-top: 10px;

The main one to add is padding-bottom. I added padding-top so that things looked more balanced.

I was about to title this as a fix but then realized it’s not a fix. It’s an unsatisfactory workaround. :P

This must have been going on for a while. I just hope that readers who found my posts with code were using Firefox, which tends to be popular among web developers. Otherwise, sorry for any confusion you might have experienced.

I Gotta Watch More R-rated Movies

Prior to the past couple of months, I hadn’t gone to the movies for lack of quality movies to motivate me to go. By coincidence, the last three movies I went to see were family-friendly fare: Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and Shrek 3.

You know the drawback to family-friendly fare? Crying babies! ugh. At one point during Shrek 3, I made a comment to my coworker about crying babies/kids needing to be quiet. He said, “Wait til you have kids.” Well, if I have crying kids, I’m not going to be taking them to the movie theater in the first place. There’s this pretty cool invention called DVD. Another option is Pay-Per-View. Or premium movie channels. Yeah, those things take a while, but from what I’ve seen with my friends who are parents, they’re so busy that it’s probably not going to hurt to wait a few months.

Too bad there aren’t R-rated movies that I want to see where there are going to be no kids.

Seriously, when cell phones first became popular, people were very inconsiderate about leaving their ringers on. The maturation of users and/or reminders from the movie theater to silence the ringers had helped to improve the movie-going experience. AMC’s reminder about not adding to the soundtrack includes crying babies, after all.