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Child Safety Seat at Packard Children’s Hospital

This week, my husband and I went to a car seat inspection¬†at Packard Children’s Hospital. If you live near Stanford University and use a child car seat, it’s definitely worth making an appointment. At first I thought that it would be a quick appointment where they would show us how to install the car seat in the “best way.” It turned out that we learned different ways to install the seat, depending on circumstances, such as with or without LATCH or base. We also learned how to adjust and buckle the harness. Also, we learned how to put the car seat in and out the base without hurting our backs.

The amazing thing was that it was a free service. Appointment slots go pretty quickly so be sure to sign up a month before you need the appointment. If you are expecting, make the appointment for a month before the due date.

Gestational Diabetes: one of the best sucky things to have happened to me

Before I received my gestation diabetes diagnosis, I didn’t consider that I would fail the glucose tolerance test. I had passed every blood sugar/urine test that I had ever had.

When I found out that I had failed, I went through several emotions: shock, disbelief, denial. Even during the required nutrition education class I was bargaining, questioning the accuracy of the test as applied to Asians since much of research in America tended to be done on people of European descent.

Since I was not getting out of the diagnosis, I complied with the diet and took my blood sugar test four times a day. I had to log the results as well as what I ate. They provided a paper template but I dislike writing things down. I looked for an iOS app but none of them met my needs. I decided to create a Google Spreadsheet that had the same fields as the log they gave. To make it interesting, I added some statistics and charts.

My results were so good between the first and second meetings with my diabetes counselor that she said I could skip two or three days when it came to testing my fasting numbers. By that point I was hooked on data collection and did not want to mess up my charts by omitting data.

Although I got good numbers most of the time, I had bad numbers when I strayed too far from the rules of the diet. There was no denying that I had GD. I’m the kind of person who preferred to vary what I ate so I had to get creative to substitute foods for lower carb versions.

One of my favorite finds was almond milk. With cow’s milk, I did not like to drink it by itself; I would only drink it when it was part of a tasty cereal. I relished the taste of almond milk in a glass.

A couple of years ago, I thought a Vitamix would be nice to have, but I did not seriously look into buying it until the month before my due date. I was getting bored with the same old snacks, and believed that a Vitamix would encourage me to eat more fresh fruit. It was even better that it was my birthday and my husband offered to buy it as a gift (that we would share, of course). We have had it for a week but we have already made so many different and delicious things: various smoothies, soups, freshly ground wheat flour, slushies (that started out as ice-cream).

I have been less likely to feel tired, which I have noticed tended to happen after eating a lot of carbohydrates. My husband, who has been supporting me by participating in the diet, had made the same observation.

The GD diagnosis started out as terrible news but it really has encouraged me to eat healthier and I feel physically better in addition to knowing that I am avoiding having my baby suffer the effects of my potential to have high blood sugar. Although GD can result in bigger babies and changes in due date, my baby has been right on track and my OB said that the due date remained the same.