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Beauty of Biology

Since I work at an internet software company, people are often surprised to learn that my college major was Human Biology (with area of concentration on the neurobiological basis of behavior). When I started college, I didn’t know that I was going to turn out to be a computer geek but I did have an innate curiosity on how things worked. Biology, particularly human biology, was so fascinating to me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I figured that as long as I’m a human being, knowing what made the species tick would be useful, regardless of what my job would be.

Today, I came across an animated video from Harvard on The Inner Life of the Cell. It started out pretty slow, and the technical jargon of the narration was a bit overwhelming since I hadn’t been in a bio class in a long time, but once it showed more of what went on in a cell, I was just in awe. It reminded me of why I studied biology. It was also a visual reminder of how amazing our bodies are. Here I am just sitting in front of my computer, but trillions of cells in my body are going about their business to keep me alive and comfortable, or processing the visual inputs my eyes are sending to my brain so that I can comprehend and appreciate what I’m seeing.

There are times when we as individuals can feel insignificant when facing the world. If we can look into ourselves and fathom how we are even alive and cognizant, it’s hard not to say “Wow!”

I had came across the video from a Slashdot thread entitled Creationists Violating Copyright, where a creationist institution repackaged the video for its own agenda. Watching the plagiarized video that the post referenced disrupted the peaceful feeling I had after watching the Harvard one so I couldn’t endure to watch more than a few seconds of it.

You Have Stolen My Heart – Dashboard Confessional

I love the song Stolen from Dashboard Confessional’s latest album. If you want to hear it, here is a youtube video with Anakin and Padme. What a nice combo where I like the song and the Star Wars reference. (Also, I’m Princess of Naboo at Lunarforums).

I have a hard time making out the rest of the song’s words, though they and the melody sound beautiful to me. The chorus is very simple and very powerfully touching.

You have stolen
You have stolen my
You have stolen my heart

Can’t Always Find What I’m Looking for… So I Look for Something Else to Find It

The past few months, there have been two items that I wanted to find but could not. I didn’t go dancing because I could not find my dancing shoes. My parents invited me to go to China with them later in the year, but I had lost my passport.

The dance shoes weren’t a big problem because I could buy a new pair. The passport was trickier since it would require that I have to go through the whole process of applying for a new passport. I had looked for the passport to no avail but I didn’t try that hard since it wasn’t urgent for me to have it.

Yesterday, my dad called and left a voicemail insisting that I find my passport and/or re-apply so I would have the replacement in time for the trip, considering how long it could take to get a new passport.

So I did research on requirements for replacing the lost passport. One of them was my Citizenship Certificate, which I didn’t have. I didn’t think I lost it, though, since I had a box that I remembered storing it in. Problem was I hadn’t seen it in years so I wasn’t sure of the box’s location.

Since I couldn’t find the box at my apartment, I called my dad to see if he could find the box in their garage.

While waiting for him to search for the box containing the Citizenship Certificate, I made a renewed effort to search my storage room more thoroughly. I didn’t find the passport :(, but found my dance shoes. :)

Hours later, he called and told me he found the certificate and passport! I have no recollection of storing them together. My last memory of the passport was that I had to put it in a safe place. I hate when I do that because I put it away in such a safe place I can’t remember it.

What a relief to find my passport and certificate. The certificate would have been more difficult to replace than the passport, which couldn’t be replaced without the certificate.

Yay for happy endings. :) I just wish I could find things when I’m looking for them, instead of finding item A while searching for item B.

Unbloggable Blog-worthy Posts

Sometimes, interesting or funny things happen to me. Unfortunately, I can’t always blog about them because it might incriminate/embarrass the not-so-innocent. That’s one bad thing about people being able to find me from search engines… the parties involved can come across my blog. It’s too bad for my readers. However, I don’t want to be a blogger leper and have people hesitate to associate with me because of the potential for me writing about them. So don’t worry: I won’t embarrass anyone in my blog. Well, if it’s in the news about a perfect stranger, that’s fair game. ;)

Freaky parking experience

I went to In-N-Out for my almost weekly burger and fries. As I pulled into the parking spot, I found a bunch of empty spots near the front. Sweet! I proceeded to maneuver my car so I could park backing in. As I pressed on the brakes to stop the car from reversing as I eased into the spot, I saw that there were people in the SUV parked in the spot on the passenger side of my car.

All of a sudden, I felt my car lurch backward and accelerate in reverse. My foot was already on the brake pedal so I didn’t want to move it off lest it made things worse. My car had gone out of control! I braced myself for the crash but it didn’t come. And the car finally stopped moving. Then I saw the SUV that was parked next to me leave its parking spot.

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