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Joined LinkedIn… Finally

After years of resistance toward joining yet-another-networking-site, I broke down and signed up for LinkedIn today.

I was checking out my site’s analytics and saw that my first name continued to be the top keyword that was getting people to my site. I did a Google search for my full name to see how the results were. The first one was for my blog so that’s cool. I scrolled down and saw a LinkedIn profile for Thu Tu, and it wasn’t me!

That’s when I decided to sign up for LinkedIn and establish a profile for myself. I even got a custom url with my name, which surprisingly hadn’t been taken yet:

Update: One week later, my LinkedIn profile is showing up in a search for my name. Go me! :D

Cookies Can Give Servers Indigestion

For the third time in the past few weeks, I had an issue connecting to a site and the solution turned out to be completely not obvious: I deleted the cookies for the site. I tend not to like to delete cookies since I find it more convenient for (trusted) sites to remember me. Deleting cookies is something I do as a last resort after clearing cache and restarting my browser.

One site kept putting me in a login loop even though I was entering the correct password. If I purposely mistyped the password, it had an error message as it should. When I asked for support, one of the suggestions was to clear my cookies. I hate being told that so I resisted it. I then remembered that I didn’t have to delete all my cookies thanks to the Firefox Extension, Web Developer Toolbar, which allows for more granular deletion of cookies. I then deleted the cookie(s) for that domain and I was finally able to log in. showed me a connection reset error. I wasn’t able to access it for a few days. Since connection reset is a server error, I had no idea that it could be due to my cookies. Since I was able to fix the previous issue by clearing cookies, I tried it with It worked! showed me this message:

We’re Sorry

Our server wasn’t able to process your request.

This may be a temporary problem due to an upgrade, so please try again in a few minutes.

I tried again a day or so later and I got the same message. I figured that the upgrade couldn’t be lasting that long or that I was so unlucky that every time I went to meetup, they were doing an upgrade. Today, I tried clearing my cookies for the domain and again, that fixed the issue.

So weird.

I don’t remember having issues like this before but then again maybe I had issues but didn’t realize that clearing the cookies would help.

Missing Children Screensaver

If you love kids and want a practical screensaver, you might want to check out the Missing Children Screensaver to help find missing kids. I think it’s pretty cool that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has come up with a modern version of milk carton ads. Plus, instead of getting one photo per carton, the screensaver displays a continual slideshow of missing kids.

Score another point for the power of the internet.

<rant>It would be nice if online news organizations like would link to the web sites that they write about. Sometimes I don’t even see the url in the articles. This one had the url at the end of the article, but it’s not hyperlinked. Whatever their reasons are, it’s user unfriendly.</rant>

Missing Children Screensaver

Firefox 2.0 upgrade attempt II

I tried for the second time to upgrade to Firefox 2.0. After reading about the lost bookmarks issue, I checked Windows Task Manager to see that Firefox was really no longer running. This time, I didn’t lose my bookmarks. Yipee! Alas, several extensions could not run in v. 2.0:

  • BBCode
  • QuickNote
  • DictionarySearch*

There were some other extensions but I don’t use them much anymore. However, I really have to have BBCode.

*I use the Dictionary extension to Go To urls that aren’t hyperlinked. It also helps me search words by highlighting and selecting from the right-click menu. Unfortunately, v.2 of the Dictionary extension encodes html characters so that the slashes in urls become html entities, which gives 404 errors. I reverted to 1.5 which didn’t have the “feature.” However, v 1.5 doesn’t work in FF v. 2.0

Verdict: downgrading to v. 1.5 again.

Firefox friggin slow; saved the day

The past few days, I’ve noticed Firefox on my work and personal computers were incredibly slow. It was worse than dial-up on an ancient computer. I didn’t correlate it with the upgrade to until tonight.

After being frustrated with Firefox being so slow even while scrolling a page, I thought maybe downgrading to the previous version might help, just like downgrading from Firefox 2 solved the problem with the missing bookmarks.

I had to dig around to finally find the executable. I wish Mozilla would have an easily accessible download page of all versions.

Now that I’m using a known good version,, it has made a huge difference. Firefox is once again its fast self… one of the reasons why I switched to it. It would be unfortunate if some people whose first exposure to Firefox is a slow I searched to see if anyone else had the same problem but only found one result.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who has the same issue.