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DreamHost made mistake and fixed it; Lunarpages spreads lies

Earlier this week, DreamHost made a billing mistake that inadvertently billed some customers for a year or two’s worth of hosting. They acknowledged their mistake and apologized profusely for it as they cleaned up after the mess. Some people took issue with the joking tone of the blog post. I’m used to their silly humor so I was okay with it but can totally understand people being upset especially if their finances took a hit as a result of the mistake. The following day, they wrote a more serious post which also detailed how they would reimburse people who suffered bank fees as a result of the overcharge.

What was the response of Lunarpages, my former webhost, to this? They wrote a blog post accusing Dreamhost of robbing their customers. (They’ve since changed the title, content, and tone of the post to be less accusatory and libelous since I first saw it. The permalink url remains to prove the original title and intent.) Hmm… call me crazy but I think stealing is when someone intentionally takes something belonging to another person with no intention of returning it. Dreamhost made a technical error with an unintended consequence, and refunded customers for the overcharge, as well as any fees incurred by the customers. They’re even letting people cancel web hosting accounts and refunding them.

It seems Lunarpages lacks its own moral compass to recognize right and wrong and so couldn’t figure out that what happened at DreamHost was not theft. What Lunarpages did with the spammy 404 pages it imposed on paying customers was an actual unethical act. Lunarpages has not officially acknowledged this error in judgment nor apologized for it. They just quietly reversed what they did. It would be hard to do otherwise since they did not tell their customers what they were doing behind their backs. They also banned helpful/long-time forum members who spoke up against what they did and deleted/censored attempts at exposing the truth. That alienated other long-time forum members, like myself. Now there’s one LP moderator who impresses people at how prolific he is at responding to forum posts. If they hadn’t banned nor alienated so many people, that one person wouldn’t have to be responsible for answering so many forum threads.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out/recall Lunarpages misdeeds to people who want to take up LP’s $40 offer to move from DreamHost. Both web hosts made mistakes but the manner in which they handled mistakes are completely different and tells me how trustworthy or not they are. If you still want to leave DreamHost, be careful about choosing to go with Lunarpages. Also note that the Lunarpages blog is very one-sided in the comments. Dreamhost’s blog and forum have both sides of the situation, regardless of how bad the negative comments made Dreamhost to appear.


Here’s a well written detailed post about this story:
Lunarpages Lies About DreamHost’s Billing Fiasco

Update 2008-01-20:

A former Lunarpages employee wrote about the current situation and provided a behind-the-scenes look at LP’s tactics:
Dreamhost and Lunarpages

A former customer of Lunarpages shared his thoughts on the differences between Dreamhost and Lunarpages:
Dreamhost, Lunarpages, $$$, and integrity
It seems the reason my account wasn’t affected was because I have a two-year contract so that it wouldn’t have been up for renewal in 12-2008.

Help Two Causes with One Dollar

I went to get some groceries for the weekend at Safeway last Friday. That in itself is news since I haven’t been to a grocery store in months. But that’s not interesting news.

What was more remarkable about this shopping trip was that at the checkout stand, the cashier was asking each customer if they would donate $1 to help fight cancer. In return, Safeway would give a free reusable grocery bag.

I don’t have the funds to donate to every cause I see. This one resonated with me, though. I realized that not only could I contribute to a cause that helped my gender, I could help the environment by using the reusable bag instead of plastic or paper bags. In addition to that, it was one less bag for my cats to try to eat. So I agreed to make the donation. The reusable bag accommodated my purchase perfectly. I wondered if I would remember to use it. I got the idea to hang the bag on the door knob so I would remember to take it with me to leave in the car.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s time to remember to do a self-examination and/or get a checkup, and if possible, donate to research to fight breast cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among women.

Blood vs Sperm Donation

Today, the Stanford Blood Mobile stopped by Google, making it convenient for us to donate blood without having to go far. When I got back to my cubicle, my coworkers were talking and asking about blood donation… how do you feel? how much blood? how much is a pint? what blood type? Someone asked if they paid more if you have a rarer blood type. I replied, “I guess they could give you more cookies.” :)

It was then pointed out how guys could make $75 by donating sperm. That doesn’t seem right when you think about it. I’m donating blood that could save lives. The sperm donation can contribute to creating life but it’s not exactly critical. And then there are all those issues that could come up with anonymous sperm donations… like a man having all these kids he doesn’t know about. And what if those kids, who would be half-siblings, met and hooked up? ew.

Not that I’m advocating commercializing blood donation… I’m willing to do it for free. It does make you wonder about society’s priorities when life-saving donations are not monetarily compensated when sperm donations are. That’s pretty good money too. I could buy a new Wii game and have some change left over.

Trance music from Elephant Man soundtrack

I just finished watching the Elephant Man. At the end of the movie, there was a song that sounded so familiar but I couldn’t place it. It was haunting yet beautiful. I had to figure it out.

I did a search for Elephant Man soundtrack and saw a title that looked familiar: Adagio for Strings. It sounded like a trance song so I searched for the title and trance and found that DJ Tiësto did a trance mix with Adagio for Strings. Imagine that… a trance song inspired by the Elephant Man soundtrack.

Chemistry of a Kiss

[There are many types of kisses but this post is dealing with romantic kisses.]

Here’s an article from eHarmony called Science of a First Kiss.

This basically sums up the biochemical aspect of kissing:

As one starts to kiss, the nerve endings in the lips become more sensitive. The stimulation causes these nerve endings to fire signals back to the brain’s cortex to release neurotransmitters, including dopamine, endorphins, and phenylethylamine. Dopamine is largely responsible for feelings of pleasure and motivation to engage in pleasurable activities. Endorphins, which are peptides, are known to relieve pain in the body, but they can lead to feelings of euphoria as well. Phenylethylamine, an alkaloid also found in chocolate, is thought to influence mood and attention. When these neurotransmitters are released throughout the body, they result in sensations of happiness, giddiness, and euphoria. No wonder kissing feels so good.

I don’t know if most people think it kills the romance to know what’s going on behind the scenes… like knowing the secret to a magic trick. For me, my major was human biology with a concentration in the neurobiological basis of human behavior so I found the article fascinating.

In addition to revealing what happens during a great kiss, the article helps explain (implicitly) what doesn’t happen when kissing someone with whom there is no chemistry. That’s why a kiss is so telling. If a person one is kissing doesn’t induce the chemical reaction described in the article, that’s a pretty huge hint.