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GSoC: Two Weeks

As organization administrator for Coppermine’s participation in Google’s Summer of Code, I have asked the four students working with our team to provide weekly updates on their progress. After two weeks, things are looking good. I am impressed with the students. As a dev team member and user, I am also excited at the potential features that the next version of Coppermine will have. This is going to be great for Coppermine users.

A few years ago, I was working as an intern… now I’m on the other side of the experience. It’s a nice one to have and I really appreciate Google extending the opportunity to open source teams that wouldn’t otherwise have the financial ability to support such a summer internship-like program. I hope that GSoC will be an annual thing on a permanent basis. :)

My Photo Feed for Google Photos Screensaver

Yesterday, I found out in a Coppermine forum thread called RSS feed of pics for Google Screensaver that Google Photos Screensaver can show photos from a feed. This appealed to me because I currently use a photo screensaver but it is limited to files on the hard drive. By having a feed from my gallery, I can have more flexibility and variety without duplication of files, particularly when I want to use a photo screensaver on more than one computer.

The hard part was finding a mod or plugin for Coppermine that would generate an RSS feed. I found one called Easy RSS feed but it wasn’t compatible with the screensaver application. After seeing how sample photo feeds were coded, I tweaked the rss.php code so it now works with Google Screensaver.

If you’re using Google Photos Screensaver and would like to get my photos, here are the feeds:

Most viewed

Last viewed

Stanford @Night

Stanford @Dusk

There a lot of other possible feeds but these are the ones that are likely to show the better photos.

Women in Open Source, or Shortage Thereof

Google Summer of Code has released stats on women participation in this year’s GSoC. Only four percent of students in the program are women. Apparently, that’s twice the percentage of female representation in the open source world.

I guess it’s not surprising. In 2004, I was the first woman to be on the dev team for Coppermine Photo Gallery. I’ve been the only woman since then, except when we had another woman join for a few months but we haven’t heard from her after that.

The questions are why are there not more women participating, and how can we get more women to participate?

In one of the comments in the blog post, someone left a link to an article called Open Source, Cold Shoulder. There was one passage that I found interesting from my own experience:

There are two possible explanations for this: Either women are concealing their gender online, or the forces that discourage women from entering computing in general are operating far more powerfully in FLOSS. There’s much anecdotal evidence for the former. For example, after a post about gender issues in his weblog, columnist Jon Udell received mail from several women saying that they used gender-neutral pseudonyms online to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention.

I don’t try to conceal my gender online, actually. I am very proud to represent women, and showing that men aren’t the only ones who can provide technical and coding help.

However, it just so happened that my real and nick names are gender neutral. Even in second grade, I got a letter from National Geographic addressed to Mr. Thu Tu (note how traumatizing it must have been for me to remember all those details). :P I chose my username because I thought it was cool, not because I was trying to hide anything. I got annoyed with people assuming that I was a male in the forums so I use a female avatar. I guess it doesn’t always work since some guys actually use women in their avatars.

Thu Tu / tranzndance avatar

I don’t know what could be done without knowing the true cause of the gender gap. All I can do is, as a woman, encourage other women to participate. I’d love to hear what else I can do to help. I’m on the lookout for mentorship opportunities, and tried to sign up for one a few weeks ago but got turned down because I didn’t have experience with breadboards.

Hopefully next year we can have more female representation in Coppermine and GSoC in general. :)

Do NOT Procrastinate with Google Summer of Code Application

This is the night before the deadline for student applications. Remember: the extended deadline is March 26 at 5pm PDT.

I’m going through the applications submitted to Coppermine for Google Summer of Code and have encountered a few server errors. I’ve made comments and evaluations where they didn’t go through. I had to confirm whether the information got posted. Basically, there are a lot of issues that can crop up and the application might not get submitted if you wait until the last minute or even hour. If the system is this busy one day before, it’s unlikely to be any better in the hours before the deadline.

Please submit your application with enough time to deal with the heavy traffic and resulting server errors. This applies to applicants to any project, not just Coppermine. :)

Good luck!

hmmm… I guess we mentors and admins could help by not working on the applications at this time. :)

Students: Summer of Code Applications now being accepted

It’s official! Google has published the list of participating mentor organizations for Google Summer of Code 2007: Coppermine’s profile page

Student Application

Here’s information for students on how to apply.


Coppermine Developers who have volunteered to be mentors:
Thu Tu
Abbas Ali
Aditya Mooley
Dr. Tarique Sani

Contact Information

I’m the administrator representing Coppermine. If you have questions that others may benefit from knowing, please ask them in this thread over at the Coppermine forums. Otherwise, you can email me: The email address is specifically for Google Summer of Code communications. For anything else, please use the other means of communication.

Due Date

The last day to submit the student application is March 24. I forgot where I found the due time for the organization application so I can’t confirm it for the student application, but the application should be submitted by 5 PM PDT.

Update: The deadline has been extended to March 26 and the due time is 5 PM PDT, or 12:00 AM UTC March 27, 2007