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WordPress curlification of apostrophe in title

I was looking through Google Analytics to see how people found my site. I was checking out one of the queries when I noticed a weird behavior with regards to my blog title, Thu’s Blog. Basically, my blog did not rank for [thu's blog]. There were blogs that linked to my blog that were ranking for the query! My blog did rank for [thu blog] so it wasn’t being penalized. Looking at how Google bolded the queries in the title, I was able to narrow it down to a seemingly harmless character, the apostrophe.

It turns out that WordPress converts a straight apostrophe to a curly quote. Apparently, Google sees them as different characters so it affected my ranking. When people search, they’re going to use a regular apostrophe, not curly as in [thu’s blog].

So I searched around on how to prevent WordPress from converting the apostrophe in my blog title.

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Working on Moblogging

I had insomnia… and I didn’t feel the need to go to sleep so I didn’t need to use the insomnia treatment I posted about previously. :P

While following documentation links for WordPress, I came across instructions to Blog by Email. So I set up my blog to process email entries into blog posts. It worked dandy. But really, if I can send an email, I can write a blog entry within my blog. This feature would be most useful when sending mobile blog (moblog) entries from my mobile phone. Then this would be really cool. I would then be able to take photos and send them to my blog. Continue reading

Coppermine skin for Viper X1

I have released the latest version of the Coppermine skin I made for Viper Guestbook. It is compatible with the latest version of the guestbook, which is awesome. I posted the skin and instructions in the Coppermine forum: integrating Viper Guestbook X1. I’m going to attach the skin to this post, too… mostly to try out WordPress’s file upload feature. :D

Seems I can upload multiple files. I’ll attach the quick installer that makes it easier to install the guestbook into an existing gallery.

If you need support, please refer to the forum thread.

Hmm… seems the file sharing isn’t the same as in SMF forums. Here are the links:

Coppermine skin for Viper Guestbook X1

Viper Guestbook Quick installer

Coppermine Skin for Viper X1, pre-release

I spent my Presidents Day holiday coding. Yeah, I’m a freak; coding is fun and relaxing (and stimulating) to me so that’s what I enjoy doing when I have time off. :P

Basically, I needed to upgrade the Coppermine skin for Viper so that it’s fully compatible with Viper X1. I was able to use the old skin but it lacked the latest and greatest features.

Here’s a preview of the skin that I’m currently using for my guestbook. I’d appreciate feedback on improvements, particularly, when the guestbook is seen in different gallery themes, which is one of the benefits of using this skin.

Once this is completed, I’ll post it in the Coppermine forums, where the V1.29 version of the skin is currently posted.