Kitty-Proofing the Bathroom

One of my cats, Mr. Knightley, likes to destroy toilet paper and eat plastic. That meant that I had to keep my bathroom door closed to keep him out of trouble. That was not great for ventilation after showers. For years, I looked for a solution that would protect the toilet paper and discourage him from eating the plastic lining of the trash can to no avail.

I have finally found two things that helped me to make it safe to keep the bathroom door unattended. I bought a toilet roll holder from Ikea that had a cover. It was a great find since every other solution I had seen cost much more than the $10 I paid for that one. It was very easy to install, requiring just two screws.

I found the trash can solution at Target. It is a round step can by simplehuman studio. The key feature is “smartbucket”, which prevents bag overhang. It was pricey for a trash can, but the peace of mind of mind that there is less plastic for my cat to find and eat makes it worth it. I am actually going to get another one today for another room in the apartment.

I hope that information helps someone who has a cat as mischievous as mine. :)

4 thoughts on “Kitty-Proofing the Bathroom”

  1. Cats and dogs are cute and great to have as a member of the family. It’s those times they want to act like naughty children that make you wonder. We once had a dog that tore our mattress to shreds. It was a huge mess, but Autumn was such a great dog otherwise.

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