My New Bluetooth Headset: Discovery 925

I had had enough of my previous bluetooth headset. Once I got an awesome new phone, the old headset did not do it justice because I could not use it reliably.

Here were some of the pet peeves I had with my two-year-old headset:

  1. It was out of batteries when I needed to use it and did not have access to the charger
  2. The proprietary charger meant I had limited options when I needed to charge it
  3. I did not get enough notice before it ran out of batteries
  4. The over-the-ear design was a hassle if I wore glasses or had my hair styled in any way

Amazingly I was able to find a bluetooth headset that addressed my pet peeves. I have had my new headset, the Plantronics Discovery 925 for a few weeks now so I cannot remember exactly what brought it to my attention. Maybe it was because it was one of the newest models that Plantronics had. Nonetheless, here is how this headset is superior to the one it replaced:

  1. It came with a carrying case with a rechargable battery that charged the headset. I can recharge both when the headset is in the case. However, while I am out and about, the case comes in handy to charge headset.
  2. It used a standard micro USB charger. It came with two chargers… one for USB and one for wall charging. Since my Palm Pre also used micro USB for charging, it effectively tripled the chargers I had to available to charge either my phone or headset. That meant I could charge while I am at home or at work.
  3. There were two ways for me to find out when it was time to charge. If I hit the big button, it will blink an indicator and if the red light glowed, it was time to charge. While wearing the earpiece, an audible alert will bring attention to the need to charge.
  4. The elegant yet secure design did not have a loop to get in the way. This made it easier to insert into my ear and not have to struggle with my hair or ear.

I liked how it came in different colors instead of the usual black and gray. I decided to get gold because I liked the color and it was less obvious against my skin.

Plantronics listed the price at almost $150. I bought mine from for about half of that. I also got to use a gift certificate credit so that was awesome.

When I considered getting this headset, I envisioned the toughest use case would be my wedding day. My hair and makeup would be done. I didn’t want to run around holding a phone to my ear. This headset would answer the challenge because it would not touch my hair when it is in my ear. It would securely and comfortably enable me to do last minute communications. Plus, it does not look as ugly as most headsets tend to look. However, sometimes I would forget that I was wearing it so I hope that that will not happen during the walk down the aisle. :)

2 thoughts on “My New Bluetooth Headset: Discovery 925”

  1. Bluetooth really change the way of modern communication, instead of the tangling wires for gadgets headset accessories today, we use the most efficient way to do it. A protocol that was made to make all devices connect to each other without the worries of compatibility. Well the most important for me is, it makes life easier.

  2. I spent almost $250.00 for a good bluetooth. When I switched carriers a year later it didn’t transition to the new phone. You might add that to the list of “what the…”, By the way the story of how they came to be called bluetooth is kind of neat.

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