Picasa2Coppermine Project

I just uploaded to Google Code the source code of Picasa2Coppermine. This makes it possible to add a button in Picasa that when clicked will upload selected files into a Coppermine Photo Gallery running version 1.5. CPG 1.5 has not been officially released yet, so it is only available via subversion checkout.

The ability to import from Picasa to Coppermine is a frequent request and something that I personally really wanted to be able to do. I am excited to have been able to accomplish the basics of the task. However, there is still a lot remaining to be done to make this even better. If you are brave and tech-savvy enough to run a test installation of CPG 1.5 before it is released, and also use Picasa, I would appreciate that you try this out. Code contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

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