Free CodeWeavers Crossover License on October 28

CodeWeavers is making Crossover licenses available for free for one day only, October 28, 2008. The site is currently unable to handle the load, but you can submit an email address in order to register for a serial number. The offer limits one license per email address.

Since the entire site now redirects to the one simple page to register for the license, it’s hard to get information on the products that are available for free. Enter Google’s cache of the products page. Basically, the Crossover products make it possible to run Windows applications on computers that run on Mac or Linux OS’s. The cool part is that it does not require a Windows license, unlike some virtualization applications.

For today only, they have put up fully unlocked builds that can be used without having to wait for registration:

Download CrossOver Mac Pro

Download CrossOver Games Mac

Download CrossOver Linux Pro

Download CrossOver Games Linux

Now I have to decide if I want the Mac or Linux version…

Update: I downloaded and installed CrossOver Linux Pro. It worked but not as I expected. It is able to install a pre-determined list of Windows applications. I was hoping to install Chrome rather than use CrossOver Chromium but it doesn’t seem to be possible. At least I was able to get Internet Explorer 6 installed in case I have to check out websites that don’t function in any browser other than IE.

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