Trouble in Lego Indiana Jones

Spoiler Alert

You might not want to read this unless you have encountered the crash in the chapter, “Trouble in the Sky” in The Last Crusade in Lego Indiana Jones for Nintendo Wii. Then again, you might want to read this to prevent the game freezing at the point that it froze for me.

I was playing Lego Indiana Jones with my boyfriend and just as we finished the last part of the chapter, the game just froze, and buzzed. It was the part where we had to “scare off” three sets of sea gulls. Because it occurred before the end of the chapter, the game was not saved, and we had to do the chapter over.

I went online to search if anyone else had the same issue in that chapter, to see if it was an issue with my disk. It turned out I was not the only one.

Lego Indiana Jones Issues:

Hello,  that is the very same area the game froze up on my son.  I just bought him this game on Thursday and by Sunday when he reached that area it froze up. We tried shutting the system down and each time it still froze on that same Trouble in the Sky area and it makes a high pitched noise too.  I called Toysrus and they said it must be scratched but it’s not. Anyway I returned the game and they replaced it and so far he’s went past that area and it’s been just fine.

I didn’t know where or when I bought the game nor where the receipt was so exchanging the disk was not an easy option without some receipt-hunting.

My boyfriend and I played the chapter again and changed the order in which we went after the sea gulls, and that seemed to work. The first time when the game crashed, the last set of sea gulls that I went after was found on the cliff. The second time around, we went after the cliff sea gulls second, and the ones on the ship last.

After we successfully completed the chapter, I came across this page: Solution to Trouble in the Sky Freezes.

Use Henry (Indy’s dad) on controller one. Hooray! No horrible bzzzzzz…

Note: Order of the seagulls does not matter. Finishing them off with controller one matters. Possibly Henry has something to do with it too. Just play it safe and finish it with Henry on controller one.

I usually play with controller one and I think I was the one that went after the sea gulls although I don’t remember if I was playing as Henry (update: my boyfriend confirmed that I was playing as Indiana). However, I think when the game crashed, I was the one, as Indiana Jones, that went after the sea gulls on the cliff so perhaps the controller doesn’t matter.

Other than that bug (and another one), the game is fun to play with two players. It is one of those few games where the second player is pretty much an equal, and where multiplayer mode isn’t gimpy compared to single player mode. It actually helped a lot to have another player because it meant I did not have to switch characters as much.

The other bug occurred when we had a character that was riding an elephant, or some big animal, which fell down a ditch and was unable to get out of the ditch or drop out of the game, preventing us from moving on. We had to start that chapter over and avoided the ditch the second time around to complete the chapter.

6 thoughts on “Trouble in Lego Indiana Jones”

  1. mine crashes in the hunt for Richard at the end of the boat chase when you are on the island after you hit the guy he runs to the front left corner of the island and stands there like he is waiting for something both controllers do nothing no buttons work except the home button my son and I have done it 3 times and it does the same thing every time! any suggestions on that one?

  2. Yeah – we just got this for our son and we keep crashing/hanging when we get the third group of the gulls at the ship. Anyone with solid fix other than trying different gull order?

    1. I also the same problem on Wii Indiana Jones Trouble in the Sky. When I have scared the third group of seagulls away, nothing happens and it does not complete the level. What is the solution?

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