Natural Balance Cat Food

A couple of years ago, I wrote that I am for Iams. This is an update that I am no longer feeding my cats Iams. 

My cats have had a weight problem since they were kittens. I had to put them on weight control food since they were 9 months old, and the vet still kept saying that they needed to lose weight. However, they’re not obese, so that’s good. They just needed to lose a pound or so. That might sound like a huge proportion but my cats are big cats.

Anyway, I have tried at least 5 brands of weight control food. Yet, my cats didn’t seem to make progress although maybe their weight was at least under control so that they weren’t getting really fat, and I’ve seen really fat cats.

At first, as recommended by the vet, I tried to restrict the portions but that didn’t turn out very well. My cats got so desperate for food that they climbed into a closed-lid 18 gallon trash can. Yeah, gross. My sister suggested that I try free-feeding them. That way, they would get enough to eat and not try to overeat when they did get food. This seemed to work okay and my cats ate as much as they felt but didn’t eat everything in the bowl. This worked out for when I needed to be away for more than a day.

One day, I read on a pet owners mailing list a recommendation for Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods. I know, I was skeptical about cat food with the name of an actor on it, too. I gave it a try anyway. I got the Reduced Calorie Formula. My cats are not picky eaters so acceptance wasn’t an issue.

I do not know for sure if my cats have actually lost weight but they look like it. Mr Knightley feels lighter to me. I’ll have to see when they have their weigh-in in March to confirm. Their coats are beautiful and silky soft to the touch. They are about as energetic as cats can be. All the ingredients are natural with no artificial colors, and include the nutrition my cats need, and then some.

Once I get my new camera, I’ll post photos of my kitties. :)

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