Getting in Touch with My Inner Stripper

After almost two years of not going to the gym, I’m finally back in the habit (I hope) of going to the gym. What motivated this slacker to return to working out?

I was discussing with a friend different ways of working out that would be more fun. One idea was belly-dancing, which I heard was great for abs. Instead of paying for a class when I already had a gym membership, I checked out the Group X schedule of the nearest 24 Hour Fitness. They didn’t have a belly dance class, but they had something called 24Tease. Here’s the description of the class:

Jeff Costa, creator of Cardio Striptease introduces 24Tease, an electrifying 30-minute striptease aerobics workout exclusively at 24 Hour Fitness! 24Tease provides a safe environment for members to get in touch with their inner stripper, while taking off pounds, extra clothing and even some inhibitions to reveal a healthier body and stronger self-esteem. 24Tease is low-impact contemporary movement that makes you sweat and feel good.

I think the class lives up to the description, except for the part about taking off extra clothing. I mean, I wear minimal clothes anyway when I work out because I get so hot.

I had wished I could drink some alcohol before taking the class to loosen up but since I had to drive home afterward, it wasn’t an option. The second time I went, I did a few minutes of cardio on the treadmill, with a cool down period. I think it helped me to be more relaxed mentally and have the blood pumping through my body so I was not so stiff.

I’ve taken step and aerobics classes before but would quit after one class due to frustration of being unable to follow. I figured I would get the hang of things if I went on a regular basis but I wasn’t motivated enough. At least a stiptease class teaches a useful skill. :D You know, for sexy dancing in a club.

It’s a pretty low impact way to exercise, but I was sweating a lot. It made me wonder how professional strippers do it. Not that I’ve seen a live stripper. Despite it being low-impact, it’s a fun class that at least gets me into the gym at a specific time.

One drawback is that the room in which the class is held is right in front of the cardio machines, where people can see inside the room through glass windows. Fortunately, since the class has so many people, I don’t worry so much about it. If I were one of a handful of dancers, then I’d be a bit self-conscious.

3 thoughts on “Getting in Touch with My Inner Stripper”

  1. Okay, I am curious — was it all women? I’d be surprised if any guys showed up for that class. Heck, I took a belly dancing class at 24Hour Fitness, and while it was really great, I was one of only two guys comfortable enough with our sexuality to join in the “girls’ dance class” :P

  2. I think there was one man in the class.

    Unfortunately, in last week’s class, the instructor said that the format of the class was going to change to just regular dance… whatever we wanted. I hope they didn’t decide to stop offering 24Tease because someone got offended or something.

  3. From what I remember, you were already a pretty good dancer! I don’t think you would have learned anything new from the class anyhow. =D

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