Coppermine in Google Summer of Code 2008

For the second year in a row, Google accepted Coppermine to be a mentor organization in Google Summer of Code. Yay!

I am again going to be an organization administrator to coordinate Coppermine’s participation in the program. The student that I mentored last year not only continued to work with Coppermine, but signed up to be a mentor and organization administrator this year. :)

I decided to make use of Google Sites to have one place where interested students can learn about working with Coppermine in GSoC. There is a thread in Coppermine forums to post public questions about Coppermine in GSoC. For non-public GSoC correspondence, there is an email address: The email address is specifically for Google Summer of Code communications and isn’t necessarily going to forward only to me (that means no love letters! :D). For anything else, please use the other means of communication.

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