Joined LinkedIn… Finally

After years of resistance toward joining yet-another-networking-site, I broke down and signed up for LinkedIn today.

I was checking out my site’s analytics and saw that my first name continued to be the top keyword that was getting people to my site. I did a Google search for my full name to see how the results were. The first one was for my blog so that’s cool. I scrolled down and saw a LinkedIn profile for Thu Tu, and it wasn’t me!

That’s when I decided to sign up for LinkedIn and establish a profile for myself. I even got a custom url with my name, which surprisingly hadn’t been taken yet:

Update: One week later, my LinkedIn profile is showing up in a search for my name. Go me! :D

3 thoughts on “Joined LinkedIn… Finally”

  1. LinkedIn is really getting more and more useful, especially for offline businesses during the hiring process.

    It is now almost routine for companies to check your LinkedIn profile (if you have one), when you are being interviewed for a job.

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