Beauty of Biology

Since I work at an internet software company, people are often surprised to learn that my college major was Human Biology (with area of concentration on the neurobiological basis of behavior). When I started college, I didn’t know that I was going to turn out to be a computer geek but I did have an innate curiosity on how things worked. Biology, particularly human biology, was so fascinating to me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I figured that as long as I’m a human being, knowing what made the species tick would be useful, regardless of what my job would be.

Today, I came across an animated video from Harvard on The Inner Life of the Cell. It started out pretty slow, and the technical jargon of the narration was a bit overwhelming since I hadn’t been in a bio class in a long time, but once it showed more of what went on in a cell, I was just in awe. It reminded me of why I studied biology. It was also a visual reminder of how amazing our bodies are. Here I am just sitting in front of my computer, but trillions of cells in my body are going about their business to keep me alive and comfortable, or processing the visual inputs my eyes are sending to my brain so that I can comprehend and appreciate what I’m seeing.

There are times when we as individuals can feel insignificant when facing the world. If we can look into ourselves and fathom how we are even alive and cognizant, it’s hard not to say “Wow!”

I had came across the video from a Slashdot thread entitled Creationists Violating Copyright, where a creationist institution repackaged the video for its own agenda. Watching the plagiarized video that the post referenced disrupted the peaceful feeling I had after watching the Harvard one so I couldn’t endure to watch more than a few seconds of it.

One thought on “Beauty of Biology”

  1. The original is a really awesome video – took me back to my medical college days where some balding physiology prof droned in a monotone about how these things worked… I still miss being a doctor at times…

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