My Workout Routine with Dance Dance Revolution

Last week, I had my physical examination where my doctor asked me what I did for exercise. I told him Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. He asked some additional questions and said that that’s fine to use DDR for my exercise routine as long as it got my heart beat up and I sweated.

My current routine is to do 30 minutes in Workout Mode in the morning before work. Since it is quite cold in the mornings now, this routine has the additional benefit of warming me up. The time limit prevents me from losing track of time.

The following may be too much information for the people who don’t want to know about female issues so you can stop reading now. :)

If one of the symptoms of PMS that a woman experiences is breast tenderness, it makes certain exercises, like jogging, quite painful. DDR is no exception due to the jump steps. However, unlike jogging on a treadmill in the gym or outdoors, dancing in the privacy of one’s home has the benefit of making it possible to minimize the cause of the pain in a way that would be inappropriate to do in public. I remember going to the gym during the days before my period… ouch! In DDR, there’s an option to turn off the jump step but I haven’t tried it yet since I want to maximize the health benefits to the best of my abilities.

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  1. Okay, female issues aside, you could get much more benefit (aerobically, socially, otherwise) by dancing with people. Go, Lindy Hop! :D

    (with that said, I also think DDR is a blast, and this reminds me that I really need to get my, uh, feet over to Plymouth to play it during a work break!)

  2. You go! I say if it’s working for you then hell keep doing it. And I think it’s okay even if it’s something you did in the afternoon or evening dancing with other people can be bothersome at times to me.

  3. heck yes! I was lookin for exercise to do that was fun. my friend mentioned to me DDR. I was lik ok and went out to buy it. after 1 month of playing on workoutmode to burn about 800 calories a day I have lost like 14 lbs! I say hell yes!

  4. Exercise via DDR is better than nothing, but isn’t intense enough to give you the long-term health benefits associated with different forms of exercise. Running, swimming, lots of ball sports, martial arts, etc., have greater benefits for your health. The American Heart Association’s guidelines and the American of Sports Medicine recommend these types of exercise over the low-intensity ones like DDR. The research appears to bear this out…

    PS Glad to see that you’ve matured and gained some self-confidence since Stanford.

  5. I’ve been DDR dancing since I bought my Wii two months ago. It can be a great workout. I do 25 minutes and as long as I’m panting I know it’s exercise.

  6. If you’ve never played DDR before, it can take a lot of playing time to get a good workout. But once you are good enough to play some of the hard songs I would say that DDR is just as effective (if not more) than any other kind of physical activity. In addition, jogging, swimming, and going to a gym can become boring pretty fast for a lot of people, whereas DDR has enough variety to make it actually fun and something you look forward to everyday rather than the dread that many people feel towards jogging, etc.

    1. I wish this were true, as I’d have an excuse to hop on the DDR more often. Unfortunately, no scientific study supports this, so it really is just wishful thinking. My wishful thinking as well, however, I guess I’ll have to continue to lace up my running shoes and hit the trail again. On that note…

  7. I enjoy doing my bodybuilding exercise in the afternoon . It gives me energy throughout the day. If my workouts were highly intense, I feel great all day long. Supplements are not really necessary with the proper fitness training program , really good nutrition program and the proper rest.

  8. It gives me energy throughout the day. If my workouts were highly intense, I feel great all day long. Supplements are not really necessary with the proper fitness training program , really good nutrition program and the proper rest.Yeh Dance Revolution is pretty cool. I know a few people who look fantastic from doing it.
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  9. I’ve been using DDR since I was in the 3rd grade, but I never actually used it for exercise until I was in sophomore year of high school. I ended up losing about 70 lbs by junior year.

    I didn’t just do DDR, I ran, did push ups/sit ups, Yoga, and now… Zumba. However, I give DDR the credit for the most pounds it has burnt for me.

    If you really want a workout from DDR, I suggest experimenting. Your best bet if buying Supernova, since it has the most songs (I don’t have it, but I do have two different DDR games). Don’t play the same difficulty/songs everyday, or your body will be used to the routine and you won’t burn as much. The longer you play it, the harder it is to burn pounds because your body is used to it.

    I suggest playing for about an hour or an hour and a half (1000 calories), then do some zumba to burn stomach fat. Then finish up with some push ups, sit ups, anything to get your muscles going. You can even finish up with a jog, but after DDR, your legs can get pretty darn tired.

  10. I do DDR in my workout routine along with weights and other exercises and it is wonderful! Yes, it does take a bit of work to become good but I now dance on hard mode x2 speed and will burn around 550 calories! Also for those who don’t know of the benefits in the workout mode it will tell you how many “miles” you swim or “ran” even jump roping! I will “run” or “swim” miles! Im glad someone shares my enthusiasm for a wonderful workout such as DDR!

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