Help Two Causes with One Dollar

I went to get some groceries for the weekend at Safeway last Friday. That in itself is news since I haven’t been to a grocery store in months. But that’s not interesting news.

What was more remarkable about this shopping trip was that at the checkout stand, the cashier was asking each customer if they would donate $1 to help fight cancer. In return, Safeway would give a free reusable grocery bag.

I don’t have the funds to donate to every cause I see. This one resonated with me, though. I realized that not only could I contribute to a cause that helped my gender, I could help the environment by using the reusable bag instead of plastic or paper bags. In addition to that, it was one less bag for my cats to try to eat. So I agreed to make the donation. The reusable bag accommodated my purchase perfectly. I wondered if I would remember to use it. I got the idea to hang the bag on the door knob so I would remember to take it with me to leave in the car.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s time to remember to do a self-examination and/or get a checkup, and if possible, donate to research to fight breast cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among women.

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