Death Star Litter Box aka Litter Robot

One day at work, my coworkers asked me if I had heard of the Death Star litter box. I hadn’t. One of the guys said that his friend had it and thought it was pretty cool. He wanted to get a cat because of it since it meant not having to scoop poop, which is the drawback to having cats. When a friend was convincing me to get a cat a couple of years ago, I brought up the litter box cleaning part. She said that I could get an automatic litter box. However, after I got my cats, cleaning the litter box wasn’t such a horrific chore, and I heard that the automatic litter boxes on the market had issues with the rakes getting clogged, etc.

When I got home, I did a search for the Death Star litter box and found out that its name was actually Litter Robot. After reading several reviews on its site and on Amazon, I decided to give it a try since there is a 60 days satisfaction guarantee return policy. The $300 price tag made it a tough decision. I was also concerned that Mr. Darcy might be too big for it and end up touching the inside surface and get litter on his fur. Then I figured I could buy it and see how he fit in it before putting in the litter. If he didn’t fit, I could return it. I would have to eat the cost of shipping but I figured it was a gamble I could take if it meant not having to scoop litter and replacing it completely after a few weeks due to it not clumping as well, etc.

I had it shipped to my work address, but I should have had it shipped to my apartment. The box was so huge it didn’t fit in my Honda Accord trunk, even after putting down the back seats. I ended up opening the box and putting the individual parts in the car.

I let my cats get adjusted to the Litter Robot in stages. I was concerned about the adjustment period since not only was I introducing a new litter box, er sphere, I had to switch from Swheat Scoop to another litter due to compatibility issues with the Litter Robot. I put the new litter in the old litter box so my cats would get used to the litter. I left the Robot unplugged without litter for a day or two to let my cats feel comfortable with the Robot’s presence. I put it through the cleaning cycle so that they can get used to the motion and sound.

I eventually put in litter, but my cats didn’t use it still. I left it off so I would know when they used it. Meanwhile, I left the old litter box unscooped, to discourage them from using it. Eventually, I saw something in the Robot and ran the cleaning cycle manually. It took half a week before my cats used the Robot.

After making sure that the cats weren’t using the old litter box anymore, I was able to get rid of it. Yay! That reclaimed some space. The Robot takes up space, but it is in a less obtrusive location.

It’s so cool not having to scoop anymore. I still have to empty the drawer that contains the waste products but that takes much less time and effort to do. Now my cats have clean litter all the time. This is one less thing for me to worry about if I ever have to go away for a few days.

Here’s an animated demonstration on how the Robot works:

Although the Litter Robot has a high upfront cost, it does help save money in the long run:
- I no longer have to buy those more expensive litter box plastic liners. I can use regular garbage bags in the waste receptacle.
- compared to the regular uncovered litter boxes, there is less litter that shows up outside of the box.
- it saves time, and time is money. :)
- it reduces the amount of litter used. I haven’t had the Robot long enough to personally confirm it, but I can see that it does a good job of not wasting the litter, as long as I don’t overfill it. From the web site:

The Litter-Robot saves you even more by wasting very little of the clean litter. The patented litter sifting process keeps the litter very clean, eliminating the need to frequently dump all of the litter because of soaked and loose clumps contaminating the clean litter.

Customers have reported litter savings of up to 40% with the Litter-Robot as compared with traditional litter boxes or other self cleaning litter boxes. With the Litter-Robot, a bag of litter lasts a long, long time. It saves you on trips to the pet supply store, and it is friendlier to the environment.

8 thoughts on “Death Star Litter Box aka Litter Robot”

  1. Funny thing the internet – I came hear to find some snippets or help with SEO and end up nearly buying an automatic cat poo remover. My only fear is that cats instinctively bury their waste by scraping the litter over it and I could not see from their FAQ’s how it actually filters out the waste when it is buried deep underneath the litter. (The demo video seems to suggest it scrapes it off the top of the litter.)
    Hopefully this is not an issue and I have (or at least my cats have) been waiting years for a device such as this.
    I wonder if the chat-up line ‘come back and see my automatic death star cat-litter box’ will succeed or fail to impress over the weekend?

  2. I don’t think you have to worry about buried waste. :) If you watch the video again, the dotted line is kind of like the sifter and it goes close to the inner surface of the Litter Robot.

    I probably can’t generalize, since I’ve only once witnessed any one of my cats actually using it. The one cat that used to bury his poop–and his brother’s poo because the brother doesn’t bury it–didn’t bury his stuff after he did his business in the Litter Robot. He just leapt out of it. I can guess a couple of reasons why the change in behavior, but I really don’t know.

    If someone is a Star Wars fan, how could the Death Star Litter Box fail to impress? ;)

  3. Thanks for the advice Thu.
    I am going ahead and buying one – i’ll let you know if it changes my cats behaviour.
    Actaully a girl phoned me last night and asked if i wanted to join her with some 10 pin bowling over the weekend. When i replied i had spent all my money on a cat litter box she hung up:-(
    Anyway thanks once again (i have completely forgotten the indexing issue i had, but at least my house will smell a lot nicer).

  4. Hi, buried waste is no problem at all. Actually, the Litter Robot buries the waste as it rotates. It’s great when the cat has a messy one because it gets completely coated with litter before dropping in the bin. Litter Robot is the best automatic cat litter box.

  5. I have two cats and finally moved to a place big enough to accomodate the Death Star. It is GREAT! One cat loves to watch the Death Star in action. The other one is a bit of messy pooper and doesn’t like to bury afterward. The Death Star handles this very well by fully coating the poop before it drops into the receptacle. While it is expensive and on the large side, I highly recommend this litter box.

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