9 thoughts on “Moving to DreamHost”

  1. Hey Thu! How are ya??

    I’ve been very happy since moving to Dreamhost. Support is quick and efficient, but even better, so many things are automated you don’t even need to contact support. A certain hosting company could learn a thing or two from them. ;)

  2. Hey Tracie,

    I’m doing well. How are you?

    I’m also happy that I made the move to DreamHost. The control panel, customer service, features, functionalities, and OMG, shell access makes it so much better than that other hosting company. I guess LP did us a favor by screwing over customers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have thought to look for another host, and end up with one that’s much better.

    I really like how I can do a lot of things now myself whereas before I had to ask support to do it. For example, just to unlock my domain that was registered with them, I had to submit a ticket, and got as a reply a request to explain why I needed to unlock the domain. I still didn’t tell them and asked why I needed to even explain why I wanted to do something that any other registrar would let me do myself. Fortunately, the second person who got my ticket was an experienced person who did as I requested.

    I wondered if LP learned a lesson from DH’s blog post that offered to save LP refugees.

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