Wii Firmware 3.1 Enables USB Keyboard Compatibility in Internet Channel

Last night, I read that there was a firmware upgrade for the Wii. In installed it and went to the internet channel to see if I could use my keyboard to enter in urls but it didn’t work. Bummer.

This morning, I got the pretty blue light notification on my Wii. There were three messages from Nintendo. The more interesting of the messages said that there were new versions of the Everybody Votes Channel and Internet Channel. I upgraded the channels from Wii Ware in the Shop Channel.

Voila! Now I can surf on the internet on the Wii with my wireless keyboard. There’s additional functionality where selecting text on a page with the A button and then clicking on the Find (binocular) button on the toolbar will open up the search interface with the selected text already there.

One shortcoming is that when I click OK to enter an address or keyword search, it adds a carriage return in the input box, instead of going to the URL or looking up the keyword. I have to use the Wii Mote to click OK.

7 thoughts on “Wii Firmware 3.1 Enables USB Keyboard Compatibility in Internet Channel”

  1. The keyboard support is very basic.. but it is pretty cool that I’m typing this with my keyboard. neato! Btw, one shortcut I’ve realized is that pressing ALT-enter in typing mode is the same as hitting OK with the wiimote. Cheers :P

  2. Sweet! It worked! I’m viewing from my Wii and typing this entry on the wireless keyboard.

    Now we need an easy way to switch form fields with tab, and more efficient ways to edit text. There’s always something to improve. :)

    Thanks for sharing the tip.

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