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I decided to join the Do Follow movement, which is… the opposite of the No Follow movement. The nofollow attribute was intended to discourage comment spammers by telling search engines not to trust links posted by visitors in blogs and forums. However, the spam problem has not gotten any better.

Despite the relentless efforts by spammers to pollute my blog, spam comments are not getting posted here. It is thanks to my triple threat spam fighting strategy. Since the bad links aren’t getting posted in my blog, and the good ones are, I might as well disable nofollow.

I do believe that Do Follow is not for everybody, though. I think it would be best to have nofollow implemented by default in applications that are vulnerable to comment spam. If people aren’t going to protect their sites from spam, they might not bother implementing nofollow manually and consequently not all of their user-contributed links should be trusted.

There are a lot of plugins to remove nofollow from links. I did some research for ones that would fit my needs. What I really wanted was to be able to have the option to add nofollow on a case by case basis for non-spam yet cr@ppy links. I found one that was even called that but it didn’t work… perhaps because it was tested through versions up to and including 2.2 and I’m using 2.3. I decided upon NoFollow Free because it almost does what I want. I can’t nofollow based on urls, but I can do it based on a couple of criteria.

I reserve the right to edit, delete or mark as spam any comments that are intended solely to get links from my blog, and basically abuse my trust, and consequently the trust of my visitors.

I don’t know if people request to be on those do follow sites lists, but I would appreciate not being on such lists since it could end up directing comment spammers to my blog. I won’t object to regular links, though. :)

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  1. Yay! Now all you need is full feeds :). I use “Full Text Feed” ( ) to make the RSS feed contain everything and the topic pages only contain the snippet.

    By the way, your “Google Blog Bar” is extremely irritating as it is now, it keeps cycling through posts, making the comment section constantly jump up/down. Perhaps it would be a good idea to either move it below the comment box or at least to give it a fixed-height div.

  2. I used to offer full feeds, which I feel is more convenient to those who read via rss readers. Then I saw some sites scraping my blog posts so I tried to minimized the effects that their duplication of my content could have on it. Darn spammers! They always have to make things hard on the rest of us.

    Now that I think of it, though, the scrapers (that I see through my Technorati links) seem to be scraping the live content (since they even include the blogbar content) and not necessarily the feed.

    All right, I’ve re-enabled full text feeds. I’ll do some research on plugins that do copyright protection to make things harder on the spammers that do scrape via rss feeds.

    Thanks for your feedback on the Blog Bar; it was annoying me too. I’ve given it a fixed height and the jumpiness seems to have gone away. Yay!

    Update: It turned out that the Feed Copyrighter plugin I was using actually was working. It’s just that Firefox’s display of my feeds showed them as truncated and without the copyright notice. That led me to believe that it wasn’t working. I double-checked the source code of the xml file and saw that there was more text than I could see in Firefox’s feed view. I checked in Google Reader and was able to confirm the copyright notice appeared at the end of each post. Cool

  3. Please do a followup article after some time has gone by, to let all of us know how going dofollow impacted your traffic and comments, and how much comment moderation was required.

  4. All right, I’ll do that. I’m not sure traffic is a great measurement to consider impact since my traffic has gone down since I implemented this policy! Then again, I started this on Monday and my traffic tends to be at the peak then.

    For me, the major measurement to influence my decision on whether to continue this would be if I need to spend more time and effort to deal with comment moderation.

  5. I am a little confused with the names of all these movements for and against the no follow tag.
    There are already DoFollow, I Follow, No Nofollow movements. It would be intresting if say in a years time opposition began to emerge to the ‘do follow’ movement. They would have to call themselves the ‘no do follow’ movement against which you would have to start the ‘do no do follow’ or the follow the no dofollow.
    (it could make a great drinking game where the player next to you has to add the choice of ‘do’ ‘no’ or ‘follow’ to create the opposite to the previous players meaning).
    Anyway if this comment ever escapes the triple spam filter the question i wanted to pose was do you think Wickopedia should revert to a ‘follow’ state.

  6. Congratulations on the dofollow movement. I think it’s a sign of someone who cares about their site. Blogging is a responsibility and with that comes some work, going through the links in your comments is just one part of that work.

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