Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party Tips

Although I’ve played DDR years ago on my friend’s Playstation (2?) and in the arcade at Dave & Buster’s, I considered myself a newbie when I got my own copy of the game to play on my Wii console. If you’re an expert, this post probably wouldn’t be helpful to you, but if you’d like to share your own tips, please feel free to do so in the comments section. I won’t repeat the tips that could be found on the dance pad, in the instruction manual, and in the first venue of Groove Circuit Mode.

  • Konami recommended using bare feet and to avoid using “shoes or stocking feet”. When I played barefoot, it limited how long I could play because my feet eventually got sweaty and even though I tried to wipe them on the carpet, it eventually affected game play. I wasn’t sure if stocking was the same as socks so I didn’t take the chance in the beginning. Then one time I forgot to take off my socks and realized that I was fine. Sweat was no longer a problem.
  • I had a lot of trouble beating the “boss” level of the second level of Groove Circuit Mode called Genesis Venue. No matter what, I could not win. Finally, I turned off the Hand mode and my score improved. I don’t know if it’s my incompetence but the hand gestures don’t seem reliably responsive, and thereby messing my score.
  • To turn off Hand Gestures, go to the Options menu during the view that shows the songs.
  • Be careful about where your feet are while in the menus. I was using the Wiimote to navigate so I wasn’t even aware of the dancepad’s controls. I kept having my foot on the left arrow, which is used to select the songs. Because of that, the song selector kept going and going, which made me think it was in some spin-the-wheel selector mode. Not that everyone is as silly as me. :)
  • Since the hand gesture icons are diamond shaped instead of arrow-shaped, I had a hard time with the timing. I finally figured out how to do it correctly. The right and left points of the diamond need to line up with the horizontal line of the arrow, or think of the right and left points lining up with the arrow points. Once I figured that part out, hand gestures didn’t mess up my score as much.
  • Think of parsing the step arrows like reading words out loud. When reading, it helps to glance ahead and to group words that go together. In DDR, try to look at the arrows before they reach the top, and group them based on some common patterns that will become obvious with some experience (e.g., ???? or up-right-up-right if the fonts don’t turn out) and prepare to be in position for them.

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  1. I’ve been having unreliable results with flinging the controllers forward, sideways, and pressing controller buttons as I swing them. Your last tip about the diamond points lining up could be my problem..I’ll check that.

    My biggest problem with the game is all the waiting in between screens.. The waits aren’t long, but I guess I’m impatient and keep hitting buttons to try to skip through and speed it up, and inevitably I hit the wrong thing at the wrong time and end up in Expert mode (I’ll belong on Basic for a while yet) and then arrows fly at me and my blood pressure goes up and I die very quickly….

    Oh, I guess that brings me to my second or bigger issue — there seems to be no “pause” option. Having no pause option is thoroughly ridiculous to me. Thoroughly.

    Since I seem to be listing my issues with the game (–I love the game, btw.. this is my first DDR game ever, and I’ve looked forward to getting it since I heard the Wii would have it–) I’ll add that the dance pad, while reasonably solidly made, could definitely use varying textures for tactile response. The whole surface feels the same, and I unknowingly shift off center and inadvertently end up standing on one of the arrows, messing up my gameplay. Thankfully it blinks on the screen, but would make much more sense to feel it under your feet. I guess this might not work so well if you’re wearing socks, but maybe if your socks are thin….

    That’s a whole lot more writing than I intended.
    Anyway, good day(ing) and happy gameplaying to you :)

  2. I haven’t tried this out personally yet, but I’ve been told that shaking the controllers for the hand markers isn’t the only way to hit them. An FAQ I read stated that you can also simply hit the Z button for the left marker and the B button for the right. Better still, however, is to simply turn off the hand markers in the options screen. I know they’re supposed to be one of the great reasons to get this version of DDR, but they’re mostly just annoying. If you must keep hand motions on though, try just using the buttons. They HAVE to be more responsive than the controller shake, which seems to map a button press to the beginning of your hand movement rather than an abrupt stop, ala Rayman Raving Rabbids’ musical minigames, which almost always worked as expected.

    All in all, the hand motions become pretty useless though, since you’ll get far more exercise by using your feet instead of your hands. If you want to exercise your arms, grab some small barbells and hold them while you play. Just DON’T DROP THEM!

  3. um this isnt very help full too you but heres a tip if u limit the amount of time you reaturn your feet to the center in like basic mode and higher it will help you move quiker around the mat and be abble to do 4 or more combo foot steps in sequence without over whellming yourself also im in basic mode and i like cream it but when i try difficult its still way to hard like even the last venues boss lvl battle basic its hard to read and my feet won’t move fast enough.Also i dont play bare foot i do sweat and it makes my pad stiki so i use socks and i still can do almost any basic song and all of the begginers!!can u help me on difficult plzz!

  4. I just purchased my DDR Party 2…I love it! I’m using it in the workout mode right now. These red “balls” (they remind me of balls of yarn) keep coming up and I don’t know what to do when they show up. Because I don’t do anything when they do, the arrows on the screen get smaller and smaller and I get “in danger”. As I redeem myself with the arrows, the arrows get bigger again. Can anyone help me please?

  5. Alright for the no socks thing I’ve tried going barefoot but I had the same problem as you. I didn’t even know it said to go barefoot. I don’t think any harm will come from wearing socks.

    For the boss I am also having trouble although I’m not sure if you were on the basic level or the difficult. (After you clear all the venues you have to do them all again on difficult) On the difficult level I can got a Full Combo (hit every note as a great/perfect/marvolous) and still lose. So either I’m going to have to do better than a full combo or I will have to turn gimicks back on.

    I also play without hand gestures and gimicks. It does give a lower score and you might not be able to get AAA on every song then but I just don’t like them.

    In between songs I totally step off of the dance mat and just use the wii remote to select my next song.

    Like you said, don’t just “read” one arrow at a time. I actually look a little below the guide arrows and just assume when its going to hit.

    About not going back to the center. I started to have a problem about somewhere in the middle of basic. Eventually I just stopped going back to the center and now its so much easier. When I’m playing on expert it’s really imposible to go back to the center on each especailly during runs. (right up down left) I might go back if there is a break in the song but never if there are more notes coming.
    I wouldn’t worry about it untill you find yourself stumbeling then you might want to try some easy songs to get used to it. Once you can do it it’s pretty hard to go back. Even if I do a begginger song I have to try very hard to go back to the center.

    Alright and Cecile it seems like you have gimicks turned on. I’m not totally sure about DDR Party 2 but I know that on DDR Party 1 you can go to the song wheel, find options, and turn gimmicks off there. I believe you will get a lower score without using gimmicks however

    Hope this helps! O and keep practicing everyone what I used to think were imposible song are now incredibally easy.

  6. I am a newbie, and I love it. I am doing ok on basic but jumping from basic to the next level, difficult is a LARGE jump! There was no middle. Any tips on the transition?

  7. Amanda, I know exactly what you mean, for example when I’m doing 7 “foot” songs on difficult I can pass easily usually getting an A. But when I try 7 foot songs on expert I struggle to pass. What I do is try to find a song I can barely do and keep playing it untill I can get at least a B then by the time I finnaly get a B I can do another song I couldn’t before. If you cannot find any song to do on difficult, try the hardest basic ones you can (you might have to go unlock some on groove curcit) then eventually slowly move up.

    I hope this helps, it’s what I do but I’m sure it won’t work for everyone. Keep practicing!

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