Upgraded to WordPress version 2.3

I just upgraded to WordPress version 2.3. It was daunting for me because I customized so much code, and installed so many plug-ins. To be on the safe side, I upgraded a copy of WordPress on my laptop last night to see if there were any issues. I had to edit the theme I’m using, Ocadia, to handle new features, such as tags. I went through my plug-ins list and looked for the latest versions. Once all was set, I prepared to upgrade my public blog.

Despite all my preparations, I still hit a couple of snags. I had set up Dreamweaver to upload a list of uploaded files. Once I was setting up the list, I went to my blog to disable all plugins. I then hit OK to upload the files. For some reason, DW didn’t upload all files so my blog was showing a fatal error. :( I had to go through the list of updated files again and then tried the upload again. It worked.

I was able to rely on two fewer plug-ins thanks to the new features that were built into version 2.3. I no longer need Jerome’s Keywords plugin which enabled me to tag my posts, though I am grateful that it served me well until now. WordPress comes with importers for tagging plugins that people used prior to 2.3. I had trouble finding the importer. I looked all over until I found it under Manage / Import. I am no longer using the Permalink Redirect plugin since this latest version of WP has the functionality built into the core.

Here’s a list of things–though probably not complete–to do that I learned in order to survive this upgrade. Please review documentation for details: backup all files and database. test first on local server if possible. disable all plugins. upload new files. test. activate plugins one-by-one and check that the blog hadn’t imploded. use a diff viewer to put back custom code, if any, as long as they don’t conflict with new version.

If you’re going to upgrade: Good luck!

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