Google Summer of Code 2007 Conclusion

The 2007 edition of Google Summer of Code has come to an close. I’m happy to write that each of the four students who worked with Coppermine Photo Gallery have passed. Many thanks to the students for the work on improving Coppermine and hopefully it’s the beginning of not just their work with Coppermine but with open source software development. If you’re interested, there is a page that will host the students’ code samples. The code is also in the Coppermine subversion repository in a separate trunk. We are going to work on merging the students work into the main trunk as appropriate.

Huge thanks to Google and Google Summer of Code team for giving open source projects/organizations a chance to get some paid help and the opportunity to help strengthen the future of open source software development by mentoring its future leaders and developers. The staff has been really awesome at pulling off a project that encompasses individuals from around the world. As a Coppermine dev team member and Googler I know firsthand how challenging it could be at times to coordinate with team members around the world with different timezones. The GSoC team does it at a larger scale with multiple teams.

I’m now looking forward to getting the t-shirt and planning to wear it with pride. :)

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