Crazy Lady Talking to Herself Or Bluetooth Headset User?

My Sprint Mogul phone came with a pretty decent headset with stereo buds for both ears. The drawback was the wiring and with twice the buds, there was at least twice the tanglement so that it was a hassle using the headset.

I eventually broke down and shelled out the money for a bluetooth headset, Jabra Voyager. It’s been pretty cool to use a wireless headset. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing when it’s connected or not, though. I have to go to the call screen to check if the headset icon was there. In lieu of dealing with wires, I do have to ensure that the bluetooth partnership has been established and that the headset battery is adequately charged.

This weekend I went to the Best of the West BBQ Ribs Contest in Sparks, Nevada near Reno. At one point I got separated from the rest of my friends so thankfully I had my phone with me. I was using the headset and I felt weird talking into it because the phone was in my purse so it wasn’t obvious that I was talking on the phone. And I was saying “Where are you?” and looking around in the huge crowd. A passerby could think I’m talking to myself or an imaginary friend.

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