Camping and White Water Rafting Adventure

Outdoor Slumber Party

Earlier this month, I went white water rafting with co-workers as part of a team outing. It was a lot of fun, along with some hard work.

The night before the rafting, we camped nearby to avoid having to do a 3 or 4 hour drive the morning of the rafting trip. We had to pitch our tents in dark because we got there later than expected due to traffic and getting lost finding the site. I was glad I brought my own flashlight. Also, I brought an egg crate foam padding that I used to use for my previous beds to provide cushion from the ground.

That night, we sat around a campfire and people roasted marshmallows. We played several rounds of the Werewolf aka Mafia game. It’s a really fun group game. Before going to sleep, we went out to the riverbank to take in the beauty of the river at night.

I would only camp as long as there are flushable toilets and running hot water for showers. These amenities, though bare and far from the camp site, made camping more of an outdoor slumber party. :)

Whitewater Rafting

I fell out of the raft during one of the rapids. I’m not a strong swimmer, and I almost drowned in beginner swimming class. So I freaked out when I fell out and went underwater because it felt like the time I was drowning. Fortunately, I had my life vest on, but I had my eyes closed because I thought I was still under water, so I didn’t realize that my head had gotten out of the water. I reached out blindly for a hand. I could hear our guide calling out to me. He told me to let go of his shirt sleeve, which was making it hard for him to hold me. But I didn’t know which of my hands was holding what so I couldn’t let go. Eventually, he was able to pull me back into the raft. Thanks, Phil!

We got the CD containing the photos of the rafts at different rapids. I have uploaded the photos taken at the rapid where I fell out.

Before I flew out of the raft. I’m sitting toward the back, on the righthand side, with a black cap.

Our guide reaches out to rescue me after I fell into the water

Oh no! Where did I go?

Phil gets ahold of my hand

Phil multitasks as he rescues me and steers the raft

Back in the raft

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