Hope for DirecTV and TiVo?

I’ve been going through a lot of crap lately, so this bit of news brought much needed joy to my gadget geek heart.

First, I got an email from DirecTV titled “Great News for DIRECTV/TiVo Customers”, and the message certainly lived up to the subject:

Great news for DIRECTV/TiVo customers–new features are on the way!

We know you love your DIRECTV/TiVo and we at DIRECTV are working with TiVo to make it even better. As a DIRECTV/TiVo customer, you’ll soon have access to the latest innovations such as:

  • DIRECTV Remote Booking. Forgot to set up a recording before you left the house? From any computer with Internet access you can schedule recordings remotely by visiting directv.com.
  • Recently Deleted Folder. Quickly restore deleted programs to your “Now Playing” list.
  • Overlap Protection. Never worry about recording conflicts again. For consecutive scheduled recordings that overlap, TiVo will clip the ending of the first show or the beginning of the second (based on the higher priority), but will never cancel one of your recordings.

These new features are completely FREE and you don’t need to do anything to get them. In early 2008 the enhancements will automatically download to your DIRECTV/TiVo receiver, if it is hooked up to a land-based phone line. DIRECTV and TiVo will continue to explore future enhancements to bring you the most robust TV viewing experience.

I’m more interested in the first and last features. This bit of news raised hope for TiVo’s future with DirecTV since it seemed the latter had all but abandoned the former. I love my DirecTV TiVo and one of the major reasons that I am not upgrading to HD tv is that DirecTV ditched TiVo for another company to make its HD DVR. The biggest reason is the line-up isn’t big enough yet to warrant the extra $10 monthly fee. But even if it were to get expanded, I would think twice before dumping my TiVo for another HD DVR.

I searched for more info on this recent development and found this article:
Rekindling the love: TiVo, DirecTV announce big update, more collaboration

It enlightened me that DirecTV had a change of ownership that didn’t have a conflict of interest with the selection of DVR. A few years ago Rupet Murdoch’s News Corp bought DirecTV and wanted to drop TiVo to use its own DVR. To me, that’s pretty sketchy. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the product was actually superior to the one it was replacing. The new owners, Liberty Media, don’t have a vested interest in pushing a DVR, and are smart enough to know how passionate their customers are towards TiVo. Currently, there is no TiVo device that is compatible with DirecTV’s newest satellites which will be broadcast in MPEG4. Maybe in a year or two, I can get a HD DirecTV TiVo.

I can only hope. Too bad I’m losing hope in other aspects of life. :(

Update 2007-09-08: I sent an email to DirecTV to ask about the possibility of DirecTV HDTV TiVo. Here’s the relevant part of the reply:

Thanks for writing. I understand your concern about our DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. We are continuing to explore ways to bring future enhancements to DIRECTV customers with TiVo receivers, but there are no plans for a new DIRECTV with TiVo receiver at this time.

I can only hope that “at this time” means just that but there’s the possibility of something in the future but they can’t tell us.

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  1. Ok, I have a PS3 and a couple Blue Rays, and I want to know how to turn my TV into HD. I have a big 50 inch screen that says HD compatible, but I am not sure what i need to unleash the High Definition. Keep in mind I dont want to see TV broadcasts in HD, just my blue rays and games. What cables or connections do I need?.

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