PPC 6800 Mogul Turns on by Itself Randomly

I am posting a modified version of what I posted at PPC 6700 Backlight keeps coming on.

My PPC 6800 Mogul would randomly turn on minutes or hours after I turn it off and put it down. It does it multiple times. Fortunately, it turns itself off soon after. This happens when it is on battery or external power.

I have only had it for a week and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve searched all over the internet and tried everything I could. My concern is not only over the wasted battery, but the possibility to have random things get activated once I am comfortable putting the phone in my purse without using the case.

There was recently a ROM update, so I applied it. I was hoping the upgrade would address the issue and/or wipe all applications/settings that could be causing it. However, even after the update, my phone would still turn on by itself.

Then, I turned off the phone function aka switched to flight mode. The problem didn’t appear but then the Mogul became useless as a phone.

I went to the Sprint store for help but due to some new policy, they wouldn’t have a tech look at it without charging $15, or would do it for free if I had insurance, which I just got that morning. It takes 24 hours for that to show up in their system. Anyway, I decided I’d wait a couple of weeks before returning since the phone is so new that they aren’t very familiar with it.

Another option is to get a replacement but that doesn’t guarantee a resolution to the issue. Plus, I already applied a screen protector and don’t want to have to remove and reapply it. :P

What concerns me is that this has happened in a previous model and there is no clear solution. :(

Update 07/21/2007:

I’m still trying to find the culprit and came across a forum thread that shows that this has been a problem as far back as 2004 on the Treo. Must be a phone network thing, which explains why turning off the phone function stopped the random turn-on. That “solution” is a problem in itself.

Update 07/27/2007:

It does seem to be a network thing because it happened while I was at my parents place during my vacation and I haven’t seen it happen since I returned. That would explain why not everybody experiences this issue. It’s also something that would probably be impossible to diagnose or at least replicate while at a Sprint store since I’ve noticed that they tend to have really nice signal strengths there. Looks like I won’t have to return the phone. Good thing this happens (if it had to happen) at my parents’ place and not mine.

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