How to Set Up Bluetooth ActiveSync Connection with D-Link DBT-120

I was excited to get my Bluetooth adapter so that I could sync my Mogul phone wirelessly via Bluetooth to my laptop running Windows XP. That excitement turned to sheer frustration as I was unable to set up a partnership and thus unable to use ActiveSync through Bluetooth.

Sometimes the Bluetooth software manager would ask for the passcode, but I still got access denied: “Connection from [device name] has been denied”. Othertimes, it didn’t ask for a passcode though it should, thus causing authentication errors. I searched around for the solution and found the answer in Bluetooth ActiveSync Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2. The culprit was the software/drivers that I installed from the CD that came with the D-Link adapter. The ironic thing was the instructions explicitly said:

Warning: Install the driver and software on the D-Link CD before installing the DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter int your computer.

Ha! Look at what I got for following instructions. I uninstalled the software and used Windows drivers, following the detailed steps in the article referenced above.

I don’t know how it is for earlier versions, but in Windows Mobile 6, I had to modify the device partnership before I could get ActiveSync to sync through Bluetooth. Go to Bluetooth settings and select to edit the device. Click refresh for the pda to find available services from the computer. ActiveSync should show up. Select the checkbox and save. Then go to ActiveSync (on the PDA) and in the Menu, click on Connect via Bluetooth.

Finally, my Mogul PDA phone can sync to my laptop. It makes my laptop easier to move around without worrying about inadvertently dragging the pda as it connected via a USB cable.

After initial setup, to sync through bluetooth:

  • Go to Comms Manager (at least in WM6)
  • Activate Bluetooth if it isn’t already on
  • Click on ActiveSync icon to go to the ActiveSync screen. Go to the Menu to Connect via Bluetooth.

For stable setups like that of desktops, it might be too much of a hassle to use bluetooth. If an often-moved laptop is in use, the extra effort could be considered worth it for the convenience of not having the phone tethered to the laptop.

2 thoughts on “How to Set Up Bluetooth ActiveSync Connection with D-Link DBT-120”

  1. For Vista (and possible others) using Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), when setting up connection capabilities via WMDC connection settings, change “Allow connections to one of the following” from bluetooth to COM7. As odd as it sounds, COM7 is the only way to get WMDC to connect via bluetooth.

    Then make sure you pair the devices from the Mogul, rather than the PC. This way you get the “ActiveSync” option from the Mogul’s Bluetooth Settings for your laptop.

    Then it’s just a matter of opening ActiveSync from the Mogul programs list. Menu > Connect via Bluetooth and you’re in like Flynn!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been pounding my head against the wall for some time now trying to figure out how to get my mogul to sync with XP SP2. I have even bought a couple of bluetooth adapter trying to find one that worked and all along it was the adapters’ drivers.

    The one I tried this fix on was a Zoom BT adapter model 4320AF, and it works perfectly.

    Thanks again for this information. I now have my sync up and going again, thanks to your post.


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