Transformers Movie: More Than Meets the Eye

I watched the Transformers cartoon when I was a little girl. So when I saw the Transformers Movie trailer, I was impressed, yet skeptical that a current day movie could do justice to a beloved childhood cartoon. There were some neat scenes from the trailer, to be sure, but I figured they just showed all the best scenes from the movie. Although I didn’t think it would be worth paying for a movie ticket to watch it, I was more than happy to take advantage of a free ticket to watch it the day before it officially came out. My initial impression was totally wrong.

The live action movie version of the Transformers not only did justice to the cartoon, but it did justice to childhood memories. There were several subtle references to cultural icons that co-existed with the Transformers cartoon. I’d love to list them but I don’t want to take away the delightful pleasure of discovering them while watching the movie. :)

Despite being an adaptation of a cartoon that came out in the eighties, the movie took place in the current day. They used modern slang and cultural memes. It was a great mix of present day life with throwbacks to the 80s.

There was a grand feel to the movie, making it one to be seen in the theaters. The Autobots were awe-inspiring, as well as the human soldiers who fought along with them against the Decepticons. Even though the soldiers were fighting against fictional alien robots, it was a great reminder of our real life soldiers fighting to defend our country. It is fitting that the movie comes out on July 4th, Independence Day.

If it wasn’t obvious by now, I would recommend this movie, with Thu thumbs up. :) I want to watch it again! Sorry for my gushing. I really liked the movie!

Oh, and Josh Duhamel is hot.

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