How to Display All Blog Posts

For reasons I will explain in another post about Linked Custom Search Engines, I wanted to generate a page that would include all of my posts in their entirety. There didn’t seem to be a ready-made solution. I found a plugin but it didn’t show all posts the way I wanted. This is different from the current view where the posts are paginated when there are x number of posts per page.

I came across this support page, displaying postbypost yearly archives, where it game me a good starting point. I learned about The_Loop. I eventually managed to create a page that shows all posts on one page.

I figured I would share the code to help others in a similar situation. All Posts Template file, is a template file to put in the themes folder. Remove the .txt that I had to add to the filename to upload to my blog. Create a new page and choose AllPosts as the template. If you want to minimize duplicate content, add a robots.txt entry for that page. It’s possible to add url parameters so that posts from specific years are displayed: 2007 posts.

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